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  1. Hi, my name is Thomas and I live in Overath, a very small village close to Cologne, the European Headquarter of Ford. I worked for Ford nearly 30 years when I left the Company in 2018. I took a package and that was the right decision, even in the current Situation. I'm 57 years old, married, 2 Boys and a proud grandfather. In 2017 I bought a 1971 Mach 1 Mustang here in Germany, which was in a not so bad constitution. (I tought). I was looking for this type of Mustang, which is not very popular here in Europe, for a couple of years. Before I got this really existing car, I found exactly that type of Vehicle on the MOBILE platform, located in Mexico. When I saw the car and the Price ($ 8.500), my brain immediatly stopped working. I called the guy, he said he also came from Germany and then the desaster starts. To make a Long and sad Story short. I spend Money for Nothing. Not so much, but enough to be really….. Back in reality. I stripped the bought and real one in a barn and started to restore the car. Enthusiastic I pulled the egine and Transmission overhaulled both and put the package back last Thursday. In the meantime I realized the the cowl on the Right side is gone. Puuh. But I do not give up. Yes, it took me neary 3 years before I get a kick the be back in the race. The only positive Thing with corona. Now I scanned thru the net and looked for some help in YouTube and other Forums, but most of the Mustang Forums are dealing with the older models. Therefore I'm really happy to find this page. Looking forward to use your experience and sometimes raise some technical Questions. I'm happy to be here Thomas

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