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  1. LoL I wouldn't expect ya to :) I can bribe a buddy to get on it for me
  2. All the above! Probably some gloves and sleeves I would imagine? I'm really looking forward to this, I was hoping to go along the lines of Saturday Morning Garage but I don't really have anyone to help me film while doing repairs, so most likely any video will be of *before* and *afters* but there will without a doubt be photos of everything along the way
  3. Thanks for the info! I have a Northern Tool roughly 30 minutes away, that would work out wonderfully! Yeah it's a lot of work but the upside is, it's what I do for a living, the down.... Hard to do when you leave work and come home to do more :) I hated cutting the quarter panel off but the owner of the car before me did a horrible job repairing it from the damage it had and I deemed it replaceable, as I felt it would have taken way to much effort to massage it all out and I knew there was a minor issue with the wheel house, I've had all the parts to do this car for years, i've just been dragging my feet, and now it's time to handle it *again*
  4. Those of you who do your own blasting what do you use when blasting? I have a decent size blaster and will be blasting out some inner structure and rails while they are exposed in the next couple of weeks and coating it with Rust Bullet. Then buttoning up the rear before proceeding forward with the car. Picture of areas in question
  5. You can just order them from me :D Limited quanities at this time 479.95 + frt Hey Don, I haven't been on here in a while or worked on my car... But this interests me quite a bit! Do these quarters have the piece that welds in at the package tray?
  6. I walked around the car 10 times with a sawzall in my hand after measureing it for 6 days to cut my rear frame rails and there is no WAY I could have cut that rascal off! Nice job! I hesitated... Believe me! But I feel good about it now, and need to look into blasting the inner stuff there.
  7. I cut my drivers side quarter panel off today and the inner structure is in a lot better shape than I suspected! Melted the lead out Cut out
  8. @Qcode351mach - The car is completely gutted. No glass, no interior, wiring, or anything. The rear body and filler panels are out as is the trunk floor. I'm more worried about the 2 panels sandwiched over the quarter at the roof. The roof doesn't seem to be the problem but the inner quarter is the trick without destroying that. I'f there were no interest in the panel coming off my car I would just trim the skin off so I can access all the areas welded nicely and move forward. I appreciate the replies everyone. I plan to get on this weekend! You can get it off pretty much perfect..The rear window needs to come out.....at the roof joint you need to melt out the lead seam..otr window needs to come out as does the rear seat..rear interior side panel..bumper..taillight..You need to drill out the spot welds with a blair spot weld driller..start at the rear body panel..& work your way foreward ...lots of tedious pain in the neck work...
  9. As the subject says... I am replacing my quarter panel with one I recently purchased. However there has been interest with the one on my car. Is there any hope of cutting this thing off at the roof joint etc without mangling it beyond hope? The one I cut was easy as it wasn't attached to a complete vehicle. Any advice from those who have done this on a 71 would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hey 73vertproject! Thank you! I picked up a used cowl section honestly like 6 years ago and its sat in my garage for a loooong time.
  11. Drilled apart a used cowl section and addressed some issues with it. I didn't photograph the other pieces yet but I have a ton of stuff I need to get blasted, and will be going from there!
  12. Welcome from Tampa Bay FL! I'm loving the modern dash/cockpit!
  13. This entire post has been very informative for me, so thank you to all involved! I am at the point where I am ready to blast the majority of my car and parts and am looking into what epoxy I wanted to use. I can get DP40 readily local so this is one option as well. Have you guys had any experience with DP40? I work in a production shop and have little to no experience using epoxy. ( Let alone I mainly do structural repairs and the like )
  14. I cleaned around my car today as the past couple weeks around house projects lead to some things being stored around her. Now hopefully I can get back on track
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