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  1. I'd like to pick your guys brains/experience on how you would get a full quarter panel shipped out? Packaging, concerns etc
  2. Probably because the cut is a very large line to weld. As Caspian said if done correctly it is not to big of a deal at all. This is one of those things that should be done with care and take time to do.
  3. This is what I discovered on my driver quarter... The sad part is the quarter doesn't even warrant that amount of bondo... Whoever did it, did it because they installed the rear tail light panel incorrectly and when it was all said an done the bumper didn't fit correct SOOOOO they made the quarter where they needed it.
  4. BKDUNHA is correct, the plastic is dried out from being beaten on by the sun over the years... I had some success with a customer who didn't want to buy new panels for his car and we sanded the panels smooth, and used a very light coat of chip guard that you would put on some Toyotas to get the texture look and painted his panels... It honestly didn't turn out that bad, Viable option really.
  5. Hey guys, I had a question about rear quarters for our cars.... First I was wondering are the reproductions worth fiddling with? Do they wrap into the door jam so you can weld them? NPD etc? Secondly how do you seasoned guys feel about the lower patch jobs for a rear quarter? I'm not to sure about how I feel about that kind of repair I have been working in a body shop as a tech now for 7 years so I know I can handle this of course... Just wanting to get an idea of what to get and what to stay away from. My car was repaired in the back quite sometime before I bought her and I have recently started work on the car ( will post pics soon. ) For whatever reason the tail light panel was welded on crooked, and the left rear quarter was built out with bondo, yet there is no deformation on the inside of the panel. And I haven't removed the existing bondo yet. With the help of Don, and a couple others from this forum I have recieved parts that aren't reproduced and in great usable condition! Anyway just trying to gauge some opinions
  6. Obsidian, did you media blast the car or strip everything yourself?
  7. The pictures are on their way, and thank you.
  8. Hey guys after quite a few years of strategic stalling and or laziness. I have started on the mach. I was cutting out the rear body panel to find out the upper parts where the body/tail light panel mounts has been hacked up pretty bad on the left and right... I need both of these drops/trophs( don't know what to call them ) I can take detailed pictures if need be. Pics of your part(s) can be sent to me via Email at DamageLn@tampabay.rr.com Thanks in advance ! ~Wayde
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