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  1. Mustang-on-Lift2-2.jpg


    photo upload on internet


    Tested the lift for the first time today with a car on top... 9’6” ceiling height is all I had to work with. To add insult to injury... I had a 12” beam running across the ceiling to factor in. All my calculations showed that with this lift, two '71-3 Mustang's could sit one on top of another, just.... I have 53 1/2” clear space underneath as it sits in this pic. The car’s need 52”... as long as I don’t bounce my way under the lift, no issue. For those with lifts, you know that in order to lower the upper car, you must first raise it to release the locks. I have 4 1/2” ceiling height available, again, as you see the car in this pic. I need 2 1/2” upward travel to release the locks... Some said it might not be possible with my ceiling height but, if we own, maintain, restore these car’s; we find a way... My wife is happy in that she got the new home she wanted. I have worked hard to get the garage where I need it to be based on a standard 2 car garage set up. 


    I don’t see any issue with the way the car sits on the upper rack, but, if anyone see’s something, let me know. The lift is designed to take the weight anywhere along the tracks, as long as you keep four wheels on it  :whistling: My first time owning one of these. Great addition to a garage.



    Dreaming of a garage like yours!

  2. After fitting new 4 1/2 leaf springs which pretty much solved most of the axle hop and lowering the front with new springs it was time to get rid of the dinky toy 17 inch rims


    Decided to go with what always works - Magnum 500 alloy rims 15 x 8 rear 15 x 7 front with Mastercraft Avenger 255/60/R15 & 235/60/R15 tyres

    Will work on getting the stance a bit better as it sits a little too low in the front so have some spring insulator spacers coming that will bring it up 1/2 inch

    Hopefully the rear leafs will settle a bit but if not will get some 1 inch lowering blocks


    Vehicle not only looks a whole lot better it is much better behaved on the road and no more shakes above 80 MPH



    It's beautiful!

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