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  1. To answer your question - mine is pretty stock. Here's a good pic:
  2. I'm running an AirGap intake with a Holley 670 Street Avenger carb. Honestly the performer mentioned above (351-2v) is perfect for the street. I had one in the garage but the AirGap came on the car so I just went with it. A little tall in a stock, non NACA hood car. Great combos with room to grow performance-wise.
  3. Plugged line or incorrect float as others mentioned. On Holley many can be adjusted externally. Open the float bowl view screws and see if its filling with fuel. It should be right at the bottom of the inspection hole. That will tell you a whole lot. This Holley video may help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKEonVeOXco This will validate if fuel is getting into the carb.
  4. That's what I am thinking. Right now I am working on plug and play programmable color dash lights to retro-fit any classic. My beta is working currently. This way if you want factory colored lights you can have them, if you want red, white, blue or any color really you can have it. I really want to create some nice, programmable led tail lights and the programming is similar to other projects I have done. Im thinking something that looks like afterburners on a jet!
  5. You are correct. If you look at my pic it is there. It came with the kit I bought. I am not sure its needed however. I saw some installs where it looks like they went around the PS pump and didn't have any top brackets at all. Its 4 bolts on the bottom so... I put it on because I had it.
  6. As luck would have it, I keep every receipt. I used a Duralast 17550 which is what Autozone showed for the car. Fit perfect. I have the cardboard from around the belt in my hand! That said, that's for use with the idler that attaches to the bracket as my car was factory air. If you are looking for the longer one to use without the idler, I am not sure. I agree with you Mister 4x4. As I mentioned my experience was lackluster for sure, however keep in mind that there is a location in TX and FL. FL is original parts, TX is the repro systems, so they have to order from the other one. While
  7. Thanks Chuck, The issue was Vapor lock to the point the car would die after a few miles in 80 degree weather. This car has AC. In the Florida heat my under hood temps were high, but operating temps are normal. To answer the next questions this generates - I replaced the Radiator, thermostat, flushed the system. Engine cooling isn't an issue. I have an all new fuel system and placed a phenolic spacer as well as a Holley heat shield and line shields and still had the issue. I tried 2 different mechanical fuel pumps. I tried both metal and rubber fuel lines from the pump to the carb. W
  8. I'm sure that's optimistic but I'm stock at the moment and not trying to be crazy. I tried the Carter which was supposed to be quiet and the whine was loud even with rubber mounts so I returned it after realizing the Holly was quieter. I think because I have a vert and the noise comes in through the trunk/top storage area. Still searching for a higher quality *QUIET* pump. I just put a new tank in. If I knew 2 months ago what I know now, I would have done an in tank pump. Now I'm too lazy to pull the tank, drain it, wash it so I dont blow something up while cutting, and spend $200+ . I though
  9. I ended up ordering a professional advance Timing Light and the MSD sprint/bushing kit. I went with the Blue spacer and a Light Silver and Blue spring with is just a little higher than 2 silvers. Interestingly I had to create a tool to be able to change the spacer without removing the dizzy - tough to get that nut on otherwise. Set about 12 degrees initial. I haven't taken her out but I definitely saw improvement in the garage (Smoother/faster rev). Will get her out tomorrow morning. Readjusted the Holley as well. I went from 42 plugs to 45, that seemed to help too. Ordered new 10.5mm wires t
  10. This thread is interesting. I'm making different all kinds of parts including professional quality lighting and I had considered making custom LED Tail lights. I can do my own creation, fabrication and programming. I was thinking about making up something like this to f it my 73 Vert markers. I can program them to change to blinkers, etc. Too modern?
  11. After a lot of research I pulled the trigger on a Comp Cams 268H to wake up my sleepy pony. Turns out I had a 260H on the shelf but after talking to Comp Cams, Summit, My buddy at a BIG local speed shop and the internet, this seems like the best choice for general driving duties. The guy from Comp had a couple 351C Cars and this was his recommendation for my use/setup! Just thought someone else might find this useful!
  12. I bought my 73 about 2.5 months ago. When I was shopping there was a 73 coupe with Mach 1 stripes and NACA hood that he has priced at $9000. I told him I was interested but wasnt quite there on the cash. He told me it was priced there because it was a rare Mach1. I laughed and bought another car - way better deal as its a convertible and unmolested and I paid less than his $9k. His car is still for sale. He's also a dealer.
  13. Awesome. I have an eddy performer f351 2v sitting in the garage. Maybe I'll swap this weekend and see how it goes if I can get gaskets. I looked at the cam I have on the shelf, looks like a Comp Cams 260/260. Thought about stuffing that in as well since its just sitting there. Trying to source a 9 inch rear that I can get some better gears in. 3.10 maybe
  14. Getting ready to replace the top on my 73. My first convertible. I'm thinking about going with canvas vs vinyl. I like EZ-on but having trouble finding their tops. Open to any recommendations for brands and materials. Vinyl vs Canvas? I've scoured the web and lots of references, however I'm curious to hear from my Mustang brethren since our cars are unique! Thanks in advance - all opinions welcome.
  15. Thanks c9zx. Ordering that spring kit now. Any recommendations on the right springs and spacer?
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