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  1. Jpaz thanks for the help. my panel had 2 perfs off set from each other in the place you have yours looks good enough for my old rag top. as for ther mirrors I placed the front hole where the flat one was and had to drill a pilot hole for the rear worked out pretty good. I figure i have my chick act as the remote for the right side if it. needs it. even at 6 foot I have a hard time reaching the other side, still looking for a grande center console but the will make it even harder if i decide to install one. after pulling both motor and trans to replace all seals my FMX converter decid
  2. thanks so much this helps. That looks Great I cant wait to finish this project after I replace my rear main seal.
  3. Can some one enlighten me on where and how the control knob for my new mirror goes, The 69 Bezel is all over the place but I cant find anything for a 71. My interior is standard so my TMI panel does not have the hole cut out and I cant find a pic of the driver door anywhere, I want to install it close the correct location and I am torn on buying the 69 bezel if its not year specific. any and all help is always appreciated.
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