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  1. Here is an Update: I added two more quarts to bring it to the full 11 quarts. It now has Drive. I took it for a ride in my neighborhood. The 1-2 shift is crisp. The 2-3 shift was a little slow (mushy) at first and then after a few minutes it stopped shifting into third altogether. I now believe it has an incorrect dipstick and/or tube because it still shows as overfilled. I may try adding another 1/2 quart. To sum it up: It now engages in D and has a nice 1-2 shift. It will not shift into third. Opinions/ideas? Vacuum modulator?
  2. I just had the valve body completely apart. I had to use emory cloth on a couple of the valves but they all moved freely when I reassembled it.
  3. I put the shifter in D and put a bungie on it to hold it there. Then I loosened the adjustment bolt and put the transmission in 1. Then I counted 2, D. I will try it your way and see if that helps.
  4. I checked the linkage probably five times. The shifter, the kickdown, and the steering column lock.
  5. I rebuilt the transmission because it had morning sickness. I put it back in and there is no engagement in D. Car is on jacks. Reverse Yes First Yes Second Yes. It shifts from 1 to 2 in the 2 position. D Nothing. Even if I shift 2 to D at 30+ mph nothing. It is like putting the car in neutral. It worked a couple of times and then nothing. All seals, clutches, front band are new. Vacuum modulator is new. The one-way clutch appeared to be working during assembly.
  6. I am looking for the entire temperature controlled vacuum valve that goes in the heater hoses on my 351c 2V. Does anyone have one or know where to find it?
  7. Would anyone be able to post/send photos of the engine and engine bay of the 73 351C with AC? I am restoring my 73 convertible and I need to see wiring, hose and harness locations. I am looking for stock/original engines, without the air cleaner, left, right, front, and top, carburetor, EGR, with as much detail as possible. I have the service manuals and wiring diagrams but I need more detail. It would be a huge help. Someone put a 72 engine in it and hacked the hoses and harnesses. I want to restore it to original 73. Thank you.
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