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  1. Hey all! Pictured is what used to be my dads 1972 Mach 1 Mustang, which was parked , and has been sitting for 25+ years. I really have always dreamed about bringing it back to life and onto the roads again, I think now is the time to official start making that a reality! I dont plan on doing a full restoration, in the sense that I don't want to make everything absolutely pristine and gorgeous, but time will tell what direction I truly end up going with this I suppose. I'm making this thread mainly to ask for some advice on where to start on this project. I have a fair bit of knowledge working with carborated engines, but most of that is with small bikes rather than cars. I know and understand that a lot of work is going to have to go into this car, and I just need to be put into the right direction. I know I should start out with the simple stuff like fluids, a battery, and checking for fuel and spark. Any information would be greatly appreciated, as I could desperately use it. It has a 351 Cleveland under the hood for those who are wondering.
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