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  1. I've been posting updates on the FB group(easier to just upload)...but my son and I have made some good progress on our father/son summer project on our 73 mach1. We just finished painting this week and are putting it back together...next up wet sand/polish and doing the interior and some upgrades...
  2. Heres my attempt to video my install of the Hood Lock Kit (32 piece from Ohio Mustang Supplies) since I was not able to find any YouTube videos on this...don't hate... I'm just a learning as I go and sharing back what I am in case someone else can use it -) https://youtu.be/T0qUKwTL43g
  3. Thanks for the great info! we used to live in Durham (RTP) and belonged to the Hearts to Carolina Mustang Club there with my 07 GT500 and 68 Fastback.
  4. Hello, I found this group while searching Youtube videos on how to restore a 73 Mach 1. My son and I are tackling this project (since he's stuck at home from college #GODAWGS!, with no summer job due to the shelter in place), we figured is a good father and son project. Is our 1st restoration so any help/advice will be GREATLY appreciated it! All we have is time and a 19 year old's energy :-) Car's background: The car is a 1 owner car with 42K original miles on it purchased by the original owner while he was in college (we have the original title and dealer paper work where it w
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