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  1. The B1 is out of California and I am aware of 2 previous owners but they both just turned the car. Don't know of any way to research previous owners in California.
  2. When I said "active" projects I mean I am gathering the last of the parts to start the physical restoration process. I do not have any pictures as they are still in my storage building so no pictures at this time. My car is a lot later production than 6972boss's car as it was produced April 15th. The HO car is out of Phoenix so it's pretty solid but has really been abused and UGLY. It was originally Pewter and now White, paint brush I think. At some point it was hit in the front just hard enough to warrant a new hood (non ram air type hood) bumper and grill but other than that not too bad. I did pick up a fairly complete B1 motor Friday but I still need a bell housing and clutch fork ...and ??? to start putting te B1 back together.
  3. Hi guys. I'm new to this site but now after storing my 71 Boss 351 and 72 HO sports roof for 25 years they are now active projects. I doubt either has been counted so we may be able to add 2 more cars to the list.
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