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  1. If I remember correctly I am using the Lucas Oil 10w40 Hot Rod oil with the extra zinc. Kinda the best of both.
  2. So I ended up making a change of plans. I ended up giving my brother the cooler that I had for his '60 Thunderbird since he is going to be putting a C6 into it. And ended up grabbing a B&M cooler instead. But it worked out much nicer in terms of mounting and Im really happy with the final result. It was easier to do braided lines to this, although what I ended up doing was using the factory lines most of the way to the front and then converted them to AN lines. Car is almost fully back to gether. A couple last things with the new radiator and she will be ready for the streets.
  3. Ya, mostly to clean things up and try and tuck them off to the side nicely. I may just use the existing hard lines and slide a rubber line over the flare for now. Have to make some decisions.
  4. Ya, thats why I had been looking at switching out to a seperate cooler. I have had this one sitting in my garage brand new for like 15 years and never installed it on anything, but now that Im in the middle of swapping the radiator in the 72 I figured now would be a good time to do the trans cooler. So had been thinking about running new braided lines from the trans all the way to a new cooler.
  5. Ill throw in another vote for the Remflex gaskets. They are pricier, but do a great job sealing.
  6. I thought I would see if anyone on here knows what size fittings go into the trans in order to run the trans cooler lines. The trans is a C6 and I was looking at running new lines since I was upgrading the cooler.
  7. I just did my strut rod bushings and as far as I could tell they were the originals and looked just like yours. And mine didnt need a grinder, a little bit of encouragement with a small prybar and they came apart without too much struggle.
  8. I guess i should mention I do have a 1" open spacer on there right now. Forgot all about it till you mentioned it.
  9. So since parts are sometimes hard to come by right now with everything going on, Im likely going to wait till the fall/winter to swap the heads/cam/headers and all the goodies I have to go on. But I am curious if it would be worth putting the Torker intake I have on in place of the Performer thats on there right now. Everything is mostly stock 351C for now besides a lower stall converter(1500), and the Holley Sniper EFI. I have heard the EFI set ups prefer single plane, but just not sure if its worth me putting on the Torker, or if I should just run it the way it is for the season.
  10. Yesterday some friends came to help out and we tackled some of the front suspension in the car. On the list was pulling out the original coil springs, the shocks that were in it, the strut bar bushings, and lastly replacing the inner and outer tie rods on both sides. So a pretty nice overhaul, and then maybe next year I will do new roller control arms, and do the roller idler at the same time. Everything went pretty smooth, and I must say that I am very happy with my new impact purchase. I got a new Milwaukee Midtorque cordless impact and it didnt find a bolt it couldnt remove. Im just waiting
  11. Thats honestly the one thing I wish I would have asked about when I ordered mine. I would rather have had the part with the buckle be able to slide so it could retract easily as opposed to this one. Hindsight I guess.
  12. Oh Im up in Canada with you so I also get to deal with the carbon tax, and while I dont agree with it, I sadly think its here to stay. I do hope battery tech continues to improve, right now one of the few challenges for electric cars is range and charge time, so if that gets better its a definite win.
  13. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I dont have a problem with the Mach-E. Ford is turning the Mustang name into a Brand instead of a model. Hell, look how much conversation has come up around this vehicle because of the name. And they say any publicity is good publicity. I honestly hope more car enthusiasts embrace electric vehicles, because I feel like if they do, it will lessen the amount that the government decides they need to intervene. Because we all know that when the government steps in, they tend to screw everything up.
  14. I ended up talking to John at Opentracker a bunch, partly because he was one of the only companies that actually emailed me back to give suggestions. But I had a good conversation with him and for now I have ordered a set of their Delrin monoball strut rod bushings, and will likely get some of their blueprinted upper and lower arms in the next while. I found this video as well about John talking about some of their stuff and the difference which I thought was really good.
  15. The doors had been cut a bit, so I wound up putting in some 5x7's and did some custom grills for them. I feel like it looks like it would be stock, even though the speakers behind everything are bigger than they would be from the dealer.
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