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  1. Personally for my Holley EFI I ran a relay that is activated by the terminal wire at the solenoid. This way the Holley gets power directly from the battery since I have heard that these Holley kits can be very cranky if the power isnt nice and clean or if there is any RFI. I had actually been looking at picking up some RF blocking wire loom just to go through things and make sure to eliminate any chance of RF.
  2. Do you by chance have any pics of the one piece headliner installed? I have a hole in mine that luckily is under the visor, but you post kinda caught my eye when you said it gives a little extra headroom.
  3. If the fox body Recaro's I am going to be putting in are any indication, the seat tracks are swappable between fox body Mustangs and ours. The problem I found when I test fit the Recaros is that they sat pretty high. The Recaro's had a spacer at the bottom I was able to remove but then I needed to make new mounting holes in the seat base. I could likely also pick up a set of adaptors to mount my now lowered Recaros to the original rails, but the price just seems too high for what it is. And the nice thing is that mine are now mounted about as low as they possibly could be. I just still need to
  4. I put a set of Hawk HPS pads on mine when I went through the brakes last year. I feel like they work really good and in the one little mini autocross I did with the car they worked great, even managed to lock up all 4 wheels trying to stop into the stop box lol. It was an "spirited" run that run.
  5. I did it because I like the idea of it not spilling coolant on the ground should it get too warm. Not that it ever happens, but just preventative. Plus if I do ever take it to the drag strip they require an overflow so you dont puke coolant on the track. So simple enough and doesnt bother me having it.
  6. This is what I ended up doing. Was able to use existing threaded holes which was a bonus.
  7. Ya Im having them gone through. What I was told by the local shop is that Speedmaster has been working to improve the quality on their parts. He said he got to go down to see where they assemble them and the valves now appear to be sourced from Manley(although not their top of the line valves). I have no dilusions of them being amazing, but I just couldnt make something like the Trick Flows work right now. I had already planned on new springs to go with this cam likely, the heads are actually at the shop right now getting spring pressures tested because they agreed that the springs are usually
  8. Is it goes all the way in but wont tighten or take any torque my bet is either stripped or maybe someone broke one before and drilled/tapped it bigger at some point.
  9. Well since winter set in a little while ago, projects on the car have slowed down but not stopped. I finally got around to installing the new RCC Innovations volt guage, and besides wondering if i cooked it when I installed it, it looks great. Just not thinking, I had run a new wire to the positive side of it to provide the positive, but for some reason I completely spaced on also needing to run a new ground. So I remedied that but it seems to sit in the middle of the guage and bounce around a bit even though it should be up in the mid 14's according to my Sniper EFI display. I also started so
  10. Any complaints about the TCP ones? Did it change the ride much? As I said the car is mostly a cruiser, but it will likely see some corners every once in a while. I looked at some of the ones you mentioned, and right now Im really liking the TCP design compared to some of the others with a more basic rod end.
  11. Figured I would post on here and see what peoples thoughts/recommendation are when it comes to the front strut rods. The front suspension in my 72 is original besides the shocks so one of the next goals is to update things a little bit. And I was curious what peoples thoughts were when it came to just upgrading and putting in poly bushings vs going all out and getting something like the TCP strut rod kit. The car is mostly a cruiser but I love the idea of helping it carve corners a little better. Is it good enough to do bushings, or is it worth the extra money to do the different design like t
  12. Fitted up some electric fans on mine and got around to changing out one of the rear side marker lights since they back had broken where the light screws in. Pretty happy with the fans, now just need to tackle wiring them in to the Holley Sniper EFI. Still have to find a place to mount the new Sniper ignition box as well. If anyone has any suggestions on someplace that is kinda inconspicuous that would be awesome.
  13. Ironically i recognized it by the Ripleys Aquarium (shark on roof) and the old roundhouse. That roundhouse has the Steamwhistle brewery and is worth a tour if you get a chance, plus its good beer lol.
  14. Mine has the 8" sash guard and Im really happy with it. Im about 5'11"-6' and find the seat belts work great and are comfortable. My understanding is that the ideal spot for your seatbelt to cross over is at or likely just above shoulder height since it would be more effective.
  15. Over the weekend I took a 2 day course on tuning Holley EFI systems. Was really interesting seeing some of the things you can do with them. And even though it was a GM, on day 2 the guy running the course walked us all through tuning an old Malibu with a Junkyard LS and ebay turbos. Dam thing made 850hp and 990ft lbs at the rear wheels spinning on the dyno by the end of the day. But it was awesome learning about all the cool things possible, and a bit more on the steps while tuning.
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