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  1. I called mine Alice after a girl I was never very good at saying no to......or after Alice in Resident Evil. Depends who asks lol.
  2. These ones were out of a 79 Pace Car that was getting parted out. I also had the same ones in my 82 GT.
  3. The seats are both finished and in the car. Love the finished product. I may try and adjust things to move the drivers seat back a little further than factory, but couldnt be happier with the finished product.
  4. Ya I want to make the car handle really well and have been working towards that, so seats that actually keep you in place around that corner make a big difference. Plus I loved the Recaros I had in my 82 GT, so when I found them I knew exactly what I wanted to do. In the end I probably could have gotten a nice set of Corbeau's for around the same price, but they wouldnt look the way these will. Im going for the restomod kinda vibe so this fits it much better in my opinion. I will share more pics once they are done and I get them in the car.
  5. Its close to the comfortweave, but not quite. But at the end of the day its likely as close as I will be able to get since I dont think many(if any) places seem to make the original comfortweave anymore. And its close enough that I dont think anyone would notice the difference between the front and back seats.
  6. Well a while ago, I started the hunt for new seats for the Mach 1. Mine are in good shape, but Id like to keep them that way and also wanted something a little more supportive with some bolstering. I had looked at some aftermarket options, but didnt think they fit the look of the car. Thats when I managed to find a set of Recaros out of a Fox body. Which also happened to be the same seats that my first Mustang had(an 82 GT). So I picked them up since they are a nice easy swap, but decided to get them recovered to look like the originals. I ordered the fabric from SMS, and a friend of the family does upholstery so once it showed up I dropped everything off and she started working on it. And now the time has come. She said the seats should be ready tomorrow and sent me a pic. I am really happy with how they are turning out so far. Also got the seat buttons engraved with mine and my dads initials since it was originally his car. So figured I would drop a little teaser here.
  7. Starting to plan out the exhaust for next season since the Mach will be going under the knife a little and one of the big things will be adding a set of headers. So since its getting some nice long tubes, I want to redo the exhaust and was hoping to maybe hear some clips of people who have x pipes in theirs. I am also hoping to run some electric cutouts, so if you have a set and maybe have a pic of where they are under the car that would also be awesome. Plus who doesnt love hearing some great sounding exhaust. Ideally looking for someone who has a clip with a 351C and the Hooker long tubes with an X pipe.
  8. I got hoses from Rockauto and Im pretty sure I got the Continental ones. Working great for me and no problems so far. And I know some people dont like the gear clamps but thats what I have since they were easy to get and work fine for me. I just dont remember size, I think it was 2 1/4" but I could be wrong. And Im glad I used them since I had to fiddle with the thermostat housing leaking so it went on and off a few times.
  9. There is a local charity rally called Horsepower for Hope that happens every year here for the Kids with Cancer society so I just got the decals for this years event put on so figured I needed to get some pics. Especially since this years name is the Afterburner rally, which I thought worked perfect with the Mach 1. Plus I finally managed to find a great new spot for pictures. I figured this was a better and more unique spot for the side decals since most people just throw them on the doors.
  10. I had a drawing done of my car over the winter, and told him to take some "creative liberties" to make it look a little meaner. And the one thing he did was sketch out a new front splitter that I really like. So I am slowly working on finding someone to create it in real life.
  11. Ya I was misunderstanding. I thought you were trying to splice an aftermarket EFI into the original harness. But your trying to splice an OEM EFI setup, which definately has a lot more to it.
  12. Depending on the EFI system there isnt much you need from the original engine harness, and the one main thing(switched power) you usually want to run fresh direct from the battery with a relay to turn it on. I did the Holley EFI on mine and Im not sure I used anything from the engine harness besides the wire for the tach.
  13. That speedhut piece is a pretty cool piece. I may definately look at that a bit later. I agree the magnets on the driveshaft doesnt seem idea so I may look into one of the factory pieces that goes in between the speedo and cable. And I think im going to go with one of the Rostra kits as they look pretty good and I think its what Dakota Digital uses. And I was planning on doing the same thing as previously mentioned and putting the buttons in the ash tray as I dont use it and would be a nice place to hide it.
  14. Just curious if anyone here has added cruise control to their Mustang. Im hoping to get mine out on the highway a bit more for some longer cruises, and cruise control would be nice to add, but would like something a little better looking than the old school 70's stuff since Id like to try and keep it at least a little hidden away.
  15. I have dual electric fans on mine and the same 180 stat, and what I have things set for in my sniper is that fan 1 comes on at 185 off at 180, and fan 2 comes on at 190 off at 185. It hasnt been super hot here yet, but usually only the first fan runs with the second one coming on every once in a while.
  16. That is perfect, thanks Fabrice and Mister 4x4. That gives me a really good idea and likely means I will start trying to track down an AOD to rebuild.
  17. It would likely be just comparing widths around the trans pan area.
  18. Ya, Im hoping that the AOD can squeeze in there without having to modify the headers but if needed then I guess thats what will happen. I just have them ceramic coated so would be nicer if I didnt need to modify them.
  19. Figured I would throw the headlights I put in into the mix as well. They dont look quite as OEM as some of the others posted, but I liked these because they were nice and simple, and were very easy to install. They were a direct bolt-in, the harness plugged right into the factory one, and they do a MUCH better job lighting up the road at night. And no halo rings or built in turn signals which made me happy. The only thing that lets you know is a)the smooth glass front with no ribs or anything, and b)you can see a divider inside them that seperates the low and high beam portions. But I am really happy with them.
  20. Curious if anyone here has the combo I am looking at. My car is the 351C 4V and I am using the Hooker 6915 headers on it which clear the C6. But I am thinking about building an AOD for the car and Im curious if it fits between the headers. If I remember correctly the AOD is a little wider but I cant remember for sure. So curious if anyone here has a similar combo and has done the swap.
  21. One of the biggest things I LOVE about my 72 is being able to drive with the windows open. It may sound strange to say, but so many new cars have such bad buffeting if you try and open a window that its almost painful in your ears driving with the windows down. But I love that in the 72 you can blast down the highway with the windows down and still be comfortable and have a conversation in the car. And I do also like that its unique and less common now. Thats why I want to build the cleveland in it, again not a ton of clevelands out there now it seems. As for things I would improve, the trunk is big but with a tiny little access to actually put anything in it. Seats could be a bit better but Im remedying that in mine and it was probably par the course in the 70's. I definately echo the fuse box placement. And the only other thing that surprised me a little is how narrow the interior can seem despite the size of the car. Im not a tiny guy, and if you have 2 broad chested guys you will be fighting for the arm rest lol. But overall I love this thing. Im obviously biased but I think they are an under appreciated car since they had suspension/steering and other improvements over the earlier Mustangs.
  22. Well with lockdowns/restrictions coming and going I was bored and decided to use some of the parts I had in the garage waiting. After painting the engine bay and putting in the new cooling system parts, I felt like it left the engine looking a little dirty. And I just happened to have a set of brand new Ford Racing valve covers, some new custom fit Taylor wires, and plug wire guides to route things nicely. So In to the garage I went to get some more stuff done. Off came the original parts and after cleaning/scraping the gaskets off the new ones were ready to go on. I love the look of the finned valve covers, although originally I had wanted to find black finned ones. But really happy with how it cleaned up the look of things. The plug wires are a bit on the long side but that was done intentionally since I am going to be swapping in a Holley Hyperspark dist with the different terminals, so this allows me to cut off the ends and put on the new ones without running out of length. But with all of it done it has definately helped clean things up under the hood. This coming fall/winter the engine will likely come out for a bit of an overhaul and then it will get a better paint job and the final few pieces. But she is now ready for the season.
  23. Well after getting the Mustang going this spring, I noticed that the radiator had a little leak, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. I had already put in electric fans, but I redid the mounts to go with them, I also figured it was a good time to upgrade the trans cooler and just do a few other things on the car. It got a coat of paint under the hood that went with the Viking coilovers that went in. It also got the strut rod bushings replaced for the Opentracker Delrin Monoball bushings. The thermostat hadnt been done in years, so I pulled it and found out it was the wrong style thermostat. But in went a new 180 stat from Tmeyer, all new heater hoses, fresh coolant along with the new rad and trans cooler. The Radiator is from Northern Radiator and was pretty close to a direct bolt in, and the trans cooler is a 20500btu B&M Supercooler, and while I was at it a new battery hold down was put in. I decided to bend up some new upper radiator mounts to hold the new rad a little bit better and kept the original rubber insulators on them. Overall I am really happy with how it all turned out. Car is running great, staying cool, and now that the alignment is done its ready to hit the streets. A cool random thing that helped me decide where to take it for an alignment was that the guy doing the alignment has a 69 Mustang that he drag races. It has a 540 BBF and looks/sounds pretty great. Im probably going to get him to go through a 9" center that I picked up to make sure the clutches are good before I try and throw it in the car.
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