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  1. Im assuming that for that I can seat the convertor fully in, and measure the distance from the mounting holes to the bell housing, and then measure the flex plate bolt spacing to the spacer plate, and it all should match up or be very close?
  2. I wanted to post here since I have been digging and searching and cant seem to find a definate answer. Im going to be doing an AOD swap in my 72 and Im trying to find out if I need to buy a new flexplate. The car is a q code 351 C 4V and it currently has the C6. From my research, the AOD needs a 164 tooth flywheel and after counting, my current flexplate is also 164 tooth and the convertor seems to drop nicely into the holes. So based on what I can tell the original flexplate seems to work, but being completely honest, Im kinda a newb when it comes to auto's. Would just be nice if the spacer and flexplate are both good since it saves me money I can spend on other goodies.
  3. I have bought a bunch of replacement parts for my 72 off of Rock Auto and they have never had a problem shipping to Canada. Only time its any problem is bigger items where they want a lot for shipping. And in those cases I will check Amazon or locally first. But all the brake rebuild parts for mine came from Rock Auto besides the front pads since I got Hawk pads and Rock Auto didnt carry them.
  4. Already have a set of 3.50 and a limited slip that will be going in over the winter. Thats why I had been looking at the AOD swap. Found a trans for a good price, now just want to see what else I need to do the swap. Mostly curious if you can use the stock shifter since most things I see dont seem to mention the shifter.
  5. Good to know, I had thought that if they could go in with the engine I could throw a couple towels in the engine bay to keep them from getting too banged up. But thats good to know they go in pretty smooth from underneath too.
  6. I wanted to ask here since most of my experience pulling and installing engines has been with fox bodies with 5.0's. Im getting ready to pull the 351C out of my 72. And while Im not too worried about pulling it, I was curious about installing it with long tubes. I have a set of coated Hooker 6915 headers and I want to keep the ceramic in as good of shape as possible when installing. With my 5.0 I used to just leave the headers on, but wasnt sure if I can get the engine in and the headers under the trans if I have the headers on the engine. So just looking for some info if it works, or if the headers have to be installed after the engine is back in the car. May have also sourced an AOD so was also curious if anyone has any experience with these headers fitting around an AOD.
  7. That may be the route I go for now. I had thought about seeing if a Fox body antenna could work but this one would be nice since it appears to be a direct bolt in.
  8. I figured I would post here before I end up accidentally damaging anything. I have been tossing around the idea of doing an antenna delete because I dont like the huge antenna that is on the car. It has the AM antenna and you can pull out 2 extensions in it and it makes it super long. The problem is that its the tallest thing on the car, and I put a 4 post in my garage and the antenna is getting close to the ceiling. So I was curious if its possible to remove the aerial part of the antenna and put something shorter on, or if I need to remove the whole assembly and just replace it/delete it.
  9. Unfortunately I couldnt find the original comfortweave. I think in the 5th post I shared a pic which shows the difference between the original and what I was able to get through SMS. Its definately a little different, but its close enough that I dont think many people would notice unless I mentioned it. And they are definately more comfortable and supportive. Everyone seems to love them, and the pull out thigh support seems to get a lot of people talking at car shows. "Its for tall people" was something I heard a bunch over this past weekend at a show. Heres a pic with me parked next to my friends '21 Mach 1. Now we both have Recaros and sequential tail lights lol.
  10. I called mine Alice after a girl I was never very good at saying no to......or after Alice in Resident Evil. Depends who asks lol.
  11. These ones were out of a 79 Pace Car that was getting parted out. I also had the same ones in my 82 GT.
  12. The seats are both finished and in the car. Love the finished product. I may try and adjust things to move the drivers seat back a little further than factory, but couldnt be happier with the finished product.
  13. Ya I want to make the car handle really well and have been working towards that, so seats that actually keep you in place around that corner make a big difference. Plus I loved the Recaros I had in my 82 GT, so when I found them I knew exactly what I wanted to do. In the end I probably could have gotten a nice set of Corbeau's for around the same price, but they wouldnt look the way these will. Im going for the restomod kinda vibe so this fits it much better in my opinion. I will share more pics once they are done and I get them in the car.
  14. Its close to the comfortweave, but not quite. But at the end of the day its likely as close as I will be able to get since I dont think many(if any) places seem to make the original comfortweave anymore. And its close enough that I dont think anyone would notice the difference between the front and back seats.
  15. Well a while ago, I started the hunt for new seats for the Mach 1. Mine are in good shape, but Id like to keep them that way and also wanted something a little more supportive with some bolstering. I had looked at some aftermarket options, but didnt think they fit the look of the car. Thats when I managed to find a set of Recaros out of a Fox body. Which also happened to be the same seats that my first Mustang had(an 82 GT). So I picked them up since they are a nice easy swap, but decided to get them recovered to look like the originals. I ordered the fabric from SMS, and a friend of the family does upholstery so once it showed up I dropped everything off and she started working on it. And now the time has come. She said the seats should be ready tomorrow and sent me a pic. I am really happy with how they are turning out so far. Also got the seat buttons engraved with mine and my dads initials since it was originally his car. So figured I would drop a little teaser here.
  16. Starting to plan out the exhaust for next season since the Mach will be going under the knife a little and one of the big things will be adding a set of headers. So since its getting some nice long tubes, I want to redo the exhaust and was hoping to maybe hear some clips of people who have x pipes in theirs. I am also hoping to run some electric cutouts, so if you have a set and maybe have a pic of where they are under the car that would also be awesome. Plus who doesnt love hearing some great sounding exhaust. Ideally looking for someone who has a clip with a 351C and the Hooker long tubes with an X pipe.
  17. I got hoses from Rockauto and Im pretty sure I got the Continental ones. Working great for me and no problems so far. And I know some people dont like the gear clamps but thats what I have since they were easy to get and work fine for me. I just dont remember size, I think it was 2 1/4" but I could be wrong. And Im glad I used them since I had to fiddle with the thermostat housing leaking so it went on and off a few times.
  18. There is a local charity rally called Horsepower for Hope that happens every year here for the Kids with Cancer society so I just got the decals for this years event put on so figured I needed to get some pics. Especially since this years name is the Afterburner rally, which I thought worked perfect with the Mach 1. Plus I finally managed to find a great new spot for pictures. I figured this was a better and more unique spot for the side decals since most people just throw them on the doors.
  19. I had a drawing done of my car over the winter, and told him to take some "creative liberties" to make it look a little meaner. And the one thing he did was sketch out a new front splitter that I really like. So I am slowly working on finding someone to create it in real life.
  20. Ya I was misunderstanding. I thought you were trying to splice an aftermarket EFI into the original harness. But your trying to splice an OEM EFI setup, which definately has a lot more to it.
  21. Depending on the EFI system there isnt much you need from the original engine harness, and the one main thing(switched power) you usually want to run fresh direct from the battery with a relay to turn it on. I did the Holley EFI on mine and Im not sure I used anything from the engine harness besides the wire for the tach.
  22. That speedhut piece is a pretty cool piece. I may definately look at that a bit later. I agree the magnets on the driveshaft doesnt seem idea so I may look into one of the factory pieces that goes in between the speedo and cable. And I think im going to go with one of the Rostra kits as they look pretty good and I think its what Dakota Digital uses. And I was planning on doing the same thing as previously mentioned and putting the buttons in the ash tray as I dont use it and would be a nice place to hide it.
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