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  1. Tires are BFG advantage T/A fronts are 225/50/17 rears 235/55/17 I had 235/60/15 and 255/60/15 on then went with a 17 inch wheel, these 17 inch tires have about the same diameter.
  2. That is one beautiful mustang, paint looks like you could dive into it.
  3. Restored this about 2 years ago. Wheel had a lot of cracks I ground out and used PC-7 to fill. Painted with appliance epoxy paint, horn contacts are good. Not concourse condition but it’s also not 450 bucks. 125 shipped. thanks for looking.
  4. All cleaned up and ready for a drive!
  5. 71 Mach 1 bucket seats, black with vermilion stripes. Excellent condition, comes with working electric seat back releases and tracks/mounts. Located central Michigan area, sorry but these are pick-up only. $750.00 or best
  6. Thanks for the welcome, hopefully I can contribute in the future.
  7. Hello from mid Michigan, been snooping around this site for a while now. Have had more mustangs than I can count but until a couple years ago never a 71-73. Don’t know why I waited so long, best driving mustang ever. Mine is a 71 4 speed M code that was in decent condition . After a lot of wet sanding and wheeling and modifications to my taste this is the end result. I’ve gotten a lot of ideas from other members cars and am sure I’ll continue to do so. temporary image hosting

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