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  1. Nice job on the citrus green RS, Looks beautiful.
  2. Good condition, works as it should. 28 spline, 3.25 gear ratio, came out of 71 convertible 7-8 years ago for highway geared 3rd member. pickup only 500.00
  3. Beautiful mustang and hope you have a speedy recovery.
  4. Welcome from central Michigan, Nice Mach .
  5. I see a gateway classics emblem in the picture, must be at one of the dealerships.
  6. MSD 8350 is 8 15/16 tall from engine block pad to top of plug wire connection, no way it would fit my ram air. I ended up going with pertronix stock look distributor (summit part # PNX-D134620). MSD makes a crab cap distributor #85804 that would fit but it’s not a ready to run, need to get ignition box to run it.
  7. Beautiful seats, wish I would have found them before I purchased my TMI seats.
  8. Picture of your son brought back some great memories of working on mustangs with my son. The best part of this hobby is being able to share with family and friends.
  9. He’s owned a yellow 73 Mach 1 for over 25 years.
  10. Buddy of mine building this 66, close to finishing. This car was literally in boxes and pieces. Front suspension is a narrowed aluminum crown Vic, rear is 8.8, motor 5.0 (might be replaced with coyote). Every part of this build he did in his garage, he’s got skills and if he ever sees this a swollen head.
  11. Welcome from Michigan, your son is a very fortunate birthday boy.
  12. Nothing car related today......but almost as fun. Got out a few of my favorite guns and did some target shooting. The Winchester is a nickel plated receiver model 94, the Apache black Remington 66 made in 1960 and the Mohawk brown 66 made 1968. I don’t hunt anymore but still love target shooting.
  13. Pertronix makes a stock height distributor that fits under a ram air setup. They make it in a pertronix 1 or a 3, I’m using the pertronix 1 distributor with no Clearance problems on my ram air. It’s part number D134620, got mine from summit a few years ago.
  14. Tires are BFG advantage T/A fronts are 225/50/17 rears 235/55/17 I had 235/60/15 and 255/60/15 on then went with a 17 inch wheel, these 17 inch tires have about the same diameter.
  15. That is one beautiful mustang, paint looks like you could dive into it.
  16. Restored this about 2 years ago. Wheel had a lot of cracks I ground out and used PC-7 to fill. Painted with appliance epoxy paint, horn contacts are good. Not concourse condition but it’s also not 450 bucks. 125 shipped. thanks for looking.
  17. All cleaned up and ready for a drive!
  18. 71 Mach 1 bucket seats, black with vermilion stripes. Excellent condition, comes with working electric seat back releases and tracks/mounts. Located central Michigan area, sorry but these are pick-up only. $750.00 or best
  19. Thanks for the welcome, hopefully I can contribute in the future.
  20. Hello from mid Michigan, been snooping around this site for a while now. Have had more mustangs than I can count but until a couple years ago never a 71-73. Don’t know why I waited so long, best driving mustang ever. Mine is a 71 4 speed M code that was in decent condition . After a lot of wet sanding and wheeling and modifications to my taste this is the end result. I’ve gotten a lot of ideas from other members cars and am sure I’ll continue to do so. temporary image hosting
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