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  1. Lol my mistake.. i should of mentioned it. They were push rods... I never got the compression ratio stats.. He just was listening too it and said that it sounded healthy.. Im located in KC.... As far as I know it has the stock high lift cam... It accelerates pretty good on the highway.. Just the initial press on the gas starting it takes off its boggs down....Like pretty much telling me wth you trying to do too me lol Take off just doesnt have enough spunk
  2. DonC There was a broke rod and when they replaced it they left the broken piece in the i take and bent another rod.so I had to replace another one.. I added the blue thunder intake and the carb was already on there.... Im thinking the Edelbrock carb might be giving me the problems
  3. The motor has been worked on throughout the years according to the first mechanic.. It has the 750 cfm edelbrock carb, long tube hooker headers, blue thunder intake manifold, msd coil, msd 8.5 mm spark plug wires and autolite sparkplugs that run hotter... The motor had new rods put in before and it passed the compression test.. So Im comfused I figure 3.25 should be enough to launch decently I assume.. Im think it still needs tuned right and check on the timing but the last mechanic said He couldnt do anymore.. Im thinking the guy just didnt know or wanted to work on it
  4. Hey guys just wondering what you guys are running in your mustangs! I currently have a 3.25 gear ratio and wondering if that would of been enough to spin those tires...I have the 351 Cleveland CJ... I took it to the shop because I feel like its not performing like it should and they recommended changing the gear settings but I was just thinking the timing and carb needed a bit of tuning.... Its has a 750 cfm edelbrock in there now... Im really curious what you guys run. The shop said it would cost 3k to change the gears
  5. Well I pick up mu blue thunder intake tomorrow from UPS.. Hopefully I will be more pleased with this intake more than that edlebrock anyways since it cost twice as much Haha
  6. Yea I saw that on Summitt racing and showed the mechanic and He was like that doesnt make sense restricting the flow.. Oh well, he already sent it back and now Im waiting on my blue thunder intake which is supposedly better for this engine anyways
  7. I wanted to add more hp and putting the stock intake to me was not in the question... Ive heard good things about this blue thunder intake so hopefully it works well... There's not that many options for after market intakes on the 351C 4v lol
  8. That's what I thought but the mechanic saw the ports on my heads and saw the ports on that intake and decided to send it back.. He said it didn't make sense to restrict flow from the manifold to heads... I bought the blue thunder though just tonight.. Hopefully it will make that engine purr
  9. I was looking into that.. Do you have that on your mustang Don?
  10. Hey guys Chiefer again... So I have my mustang in the shop as you already know. Well I was going to put the Edelbrock performer 2665 intake manifold that supposedly is 4V 4B intake. Well my mechanic got it in and sent it back because the ports on the intake are significantly smaller then whats on my heads... Edelbrock says this would work. Do you guys know of any intake manifolds that fit good on my heads? Im kind of bummed because he suggested just to put the stock intake back on and rebuild a spread bore carburetor for it.
  11. It nice! I think Ill keep our for now.. I just don't want to take it to a show and grt criticize having a sunroof on it
  12. Heres a better picture of the sun roof.. Its an SFC brand so an aftermarket I guess. Lol
  13. Its nice.. It would be easier to do bodywork just around it and not taking it out. However, I do not want to hurt the value of the car if people don't like that kind of stuff if nor original
  14. My dad dies body work and paint... We thought about replacing the whole skin of the roof... I think we will trying the patch first and if it ends bad then might have to replace the whole skin... That's why I was hoping this sun roof might be a rarity
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