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  1. Ray, Thanks for the pic. It will be quite helpful in my 3 point conversion.
  2. Getting ready to reinstall the interior for my '73 Grande. Could anyone share some pics of the front seat belt shoulder harness configuration and the rear seat area including the package tray?
  3. I am the original owner of this '73 Grande. Contacted my Ford Dealership to hold a '73 Mustang for me while I was attending Air Force Technical Training at Keesler AFB, Biloxi MS. At the time I could not envision anything "nice" coming out of a Mustang/Pinto union. It is undergoing a major restoration effort (while stationed overseas I left it in the care of my sister/brother, my nephews weren't overly kind to it). 73 Grande Original Owner_dlxrpt.pdf
  4. I'm looking for a pair of "A" pillar molding trim pieces for my '73 Grande restoration project. I saw a LH listed on eBay but upon further examination it was for a 'vert. If you know any good salvage yards I can contact I would appreciate the info.
  5. While replacing the weather strip on my quarter windows one of the trim pieces came off of the glass. Does anyone know where to get the inner square channel material for reattaching the metal vertical trim to the glass? I've tried using u-channel door edge guard material to no avail.
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