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  1. Come too think of it I do own a 71-73. A 72 Sprint fastback. Sometime back in the 80s I bought a pretty stripped out Sprint rear clip from a junkyard with the intention of building a 429 drag car. Never got around too it. It & a 65 GTO are still back in the woods at a place I used too run a garage (still own the land).
  2. I just checked the FL1-HP is still sold by Ford Racing. 200 PSI burst strength 💪. I wouldn't use a std FL1 on anything making over 40 PSI. It's kinda pricey over $20.
  3. Back in the day I used too seriously street race a 70 Boss 302. I was running about 70 lbs of oil pressure. I had problems with the std FL1 filter bursting after a 10,000 RPM run. I didn't even know it existed but I had a very helpful Ford parts man who told me I wasn't running the right filter. He ordered me about a dozen FL1-HP filters for the Boss. Problem solved. The FL1-High Performance had a heavier casing.
  4. Yea, it'd be nice, but I doubt the owners even realised the honeycomb was incorrect or cared. Back in the day this car wasn't anything special. A green 302 2bl with a 3 speed didn't exactly get your attention. A girls car.
  5. Yea, you may be right. I'm starting too think it's still got the 73 fenders on it maybe. The 71-72 chrome bumper on it when I zoom in close on the pics doesn't seem to fit into the fender cutout perfectly. Just a guess, but I'd guess it's probably a consignment car & the owner is trying to get his money back out of it. I've probably made it sound worse than it is, it's actually a very nice appearing car at least in the pics. If I get it I'm going to want to get the rubber ducky bumper & the staggered shocks. I'd give him 20K if it checks out in person, maybe a bit more. It looks more like a Boss 351 clone instead of a Mach 1 clone with that chrome front bumper. I've thought about building a 71 Boss 302 clone ever since back in 76 when I ordered a new stripe kit for my 70 Boss 302 from my local Ford dealer & got a complete stripe kit for a 71 Boss 302 instead. I wish I had kept that stripe kit & just ordered another kit for my 70 but it was over 200$, quite a chunk of change for a kid in 76.
  6. I don't either. I think the original design was supposed to be a 335 with the 4 inch bore. In other words a destroked 351. I think a .060 over 335 would be the cats meow. It would allow for more RPMs. I had a good amount of experience building, modifying & serious street racing a boss 302 which uses the same cylinder heads, I get a bit irritated when people say a Boss 302 uses 351 Cleveland heads, NO a 351 Cleveland uses Boss 302 heads. The Boss 302 came first. Anyway I turned that Boss 302 too 10,000 RPMs, I think a properly set up .060 over 335 Cleveland might be good for 9,000 with a few more cubes than a Boss 302.
  7. Sorry guys, I love the Cleveland, but it being designed for NASCAR is BS. These cylinders heads first came out in 68 on the 69 Boss 302. They were designed too replace 302 tunnel port heads for Trans-Am. The design work had to be pretty much done by 67 probably earlier. Nobody in 67 was thinking NASCAR needed a small block. If I remember correctly the first time big blocks were even thought about being replaced with small blocks was 72 or 73. And that didn't get off well. In Grand National NASCAR racing a car could be up too 4 years old. Soo a Plymouth Superbird was legal until 74. NASCAR wanted too slow them down so teams were given a choice. Run a regular Roadrunner with a 426 Hemi or a Superbird with a 340. A few tried it. The regular Roadrunner with a 426 stomped it as did the Cyclone with the 429. I'm not depending on someone's research here but personal memory. My Father owned several NASCAR tracks back in the day & yea I'm that old. And as good as a Cleveland is if you think it will run with a 427 Tunnel Port, then you've never driven a 427 Tunnel Port. PS NASCAR did have a pony car division IE Boss 302s versus Z-28s. It was never very popular though. Who wants too pay $ too watch a Barracuda with a destroked 340 race when we can watch a Superbird with a 426 Hemi.
  8. Yea, I thought about the door data sticker. Of over 100 photos he sent me, none of them show it. That kinda makes me suspicious. I suspect it's gone. Maybe to be expected if it was a color change. It's not what he claims. He claims it to be a flawless professional restored 73 Mach 1 clone. It has a 71-72 Bumper, grill & decals. And the bumper is chrome. I don't think the dealer that has it is intentionally misleading, I just don't think he knows much about old mustangs. A flawless perfect 73 Mach 1 4 speed clone should have staggered shocks also.
  9. I have seen a Cougar with a fastback roof installed. Looked nice.
  10. Ohh, I love the car. I just think it's overpriced. And I don't know exactly what it is. I haven't messed with mustangs in over 30 years. Can someone give me some tips on telling the difference between 72 & 73 front fenders? I know they r a bit different in the bumper cutout. It currently has a repro 71-72 chrome bumper on it. Did all 73s have the rubber ducky one?

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