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  1. Both of these were stock balancers but I had one on a 66 GTO grenade on a 7,000 rpm run, destroyed the timing cover, radiator, water pump, fan, belts, hoses & hood. Coulda killed a spectator, but I was lucky in that regard. I had one on a 96 Jeep Cherokee slip back on the rubber just putting around, it cut a hole in the timing cover & all the oil ran out.
  2. One more thing in setting up a car too run 10-15% Corn Likker. You need to go one too two size larger jets. Likker is high in octane, but lower in energy potential, in other words you gotta put more in thar too make the same power. It ain't about saving money, Likker is waay more expensive than gas. It's about votes & campaign contributions. The feds subsidize & pay for it all keeping huge Farm conglomerates out west happy.
  3. The track my dad owned was asphalt & was wherever they raced in the late 50s- early 60s. I know it had a baseball diamond in the infield & got shut down by the govt. He owned several other tracks, in fact I think he may have owned the track the first NASCAR race was run on. It was near Durham in the V where I-40 & I-85 split & was a horse track to begin with. They had some races earlier at Daytona but they weren't on a track, just racing up & down the beach mostly. My Dad was pretty close with Banjo Matthews, Fireball Roberts & Junior Johnson. I don't know Joey Logona. I just want a pretty nice fastback with a stick 351. My favorite would be a 72 R code medium yellow gold. I know you like convertibles. There is about the nicest 73 convertible I've ever seen on ebay right now. Q code 4 speed with about ever available option on it.
  4. Ford lost $$ on every 427 engine & car it ever made, BUT how many 390 Galaxies did they sell because of those loss leaders? Looks the same, smells the same, waay cheaper. Most new car buyers are tighter than a bulls a$$ in fly season.
  5. Halo homuglatuon cars like a Boss 302 are important. Guy goes into a Ford dealer wanting a orange Boss, his wife talks him into buying the baby blue 6 cyl notch back that's on sale for about 1/2 the price. Happened all the time.
  6. Trans - Am was a big deal up north, the entire Boss 302, Z-28s, Trans- Am Fire bird, TA Challenger & it's Cuda equivalent were developed for it. Oh forgot AMX Javelin too.
  7. The 2V heads are better if u r running a 3.00 rear gear & a slush box. If u have 3.91s & a stick the 4Vs are the stuff.
  8. Hey I'm also from western NC, Wilkes County. The reference to being designed for Nascar was in one of the articles above. My dad was one of the founding fathers for Nascar. He stayed in it up till the mid 60s, if you were around in that era you might know him. He owned the track in Asheville & several others. I can personally attest to the fact that Nascar was started by a bunch of rum runners. I'm currently looking for a 71-73 fastback straight gear car. A 3 speed manual is fine because I intend to convert it too a 5 speed anyway.
  9. The car is still for sale. They want 30 grand for it. Too rich for me.
  10. Come too think of it I do own a 71-73. A 72 Sprint fastback. Sometime back in the 80s I bought a pretty stripped out Sprint rear clip from a junkyard with the intention of building a 429 drag car. Never got around too it. It & a 65 GTO are still back in the woods at a place I used too run a garage (still own the land).
  11. I just checked the FL1-HP is still sold by Ford Racing. 200 PSI burst strength 💪. I wouldn't use a std FL1 on anything making over 40 PSI. It's kinda pricey over $20.
  12. Back in the day I used too seriously street race a 70 Boss 302. I was running about 70 lbs of oil pressure. I had problems with the std FL1 filter bursting after a 10,000 RPM run. I didn't even know it existed but I had a very helpful Ford parts man who told me I wasn't running the right filter. He ordered me about a dozen FL1-HP filters for the Boss. Problem solved. The FL1-High Performance had a heavier casing.
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