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  1. I was going to ask if there is any part of the car interior that is exposed metal (body color paint) I didn’t pull mine it I got it torn down but I’m prepping up for body work and wondering if there’s any reason to paint the interior body color
  2. Soooo much blue haha it definitely looks good in its own right. But part of me wants to break it up a bit with something else
  3. Dont get me wrong, blue on blue is pretty sweet but man, thats ALOT of blue. I also have a black center console and was thinking about trying to find a nice way of bringing some blue and black accents. Im curious what your experiences are with different upholstery patterns and colors that arent stock. show me some pictures of your interiors! prefer blue ones or partial blue.
  4. was able to drop my 3rd member in my axle after going through cleaning up, inspecting, replacing pinion seal, checking backlash and pattern. that made me happy! also was able to find some nice stainless nuts for the 3rd member. looks good and wont get all rusty. small steps
  5. Found an awesome YouTube series of this. Is this guy on this site?
  6. I know there is a whole cowl replacement upper and lower but it just seems like a lot of unnecessary work since it’s not completely gone. Im wondering If the older gen cowl piece repair kit could be made to work I’m also open to ideas. if you’re wondering why I did this I figured if worst case scenario appears I can just get the whole kit. If I can do a quality repair then great!
  7. I may not of made it as clear in the videos but I’m doing the outside panels by hand. The interior and engine bay will get blasted. I don’t want to risk damaging the sheet metal which is why I doing that by hand.
  8. Was glad to see this start to come to life! Spent last night getting rid of all the rust and cleaning then putting in a new pinion seal and soon it’s time to go back together!
  9. Sorry I forgot to reply yes and yes. OG engine and tranny! the engine is at the machine shop and tranny is on my bench I’m getting ready to clean and re seal :) and paint
  10. I feel like theres definitely been worse rust buckets out there that amazing people have brought back to life so i can appreciate what i have for sure. However, the rust repair always sucks. but i gotta keep going. I def want to do things the right way and not cut out more metal than i need. but yeah the cowl is not completely rotted through compared to some ive seen.ive definitley been trying to figured out how i can go about and patch it. at this point i supposed it doesnt hurt to try, and if i cant at least i know i can get a replacement. i have not advertised price i bought it for due to others on this site that were interested in the rig and i wanted to be respectful to them and the seller but i will say more than 5 less than 10. Thanks for watching and giving your input!
  11. Well continuing on this wknd with some rust removal brought me to the section I feared... and indeed, it needs done. car was an AC car and the body is pretty good minus a few places you see. but man... even still this sucks.
  12. I’m a marine mechanic certified in Honda and suzuki outboards. live in Homer, Alaska right next to the water!
  13. Decided to cut out the worst of it tonight

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