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  1. I had one that was damaged as well, I tried to solder it back together but it was still intermittent, so in the end, tho it looked ok overall the couple breaks in the copper made it not work as well. I’m not too sure If there is a source of just the armature or if you’ll have to just find another one and hope for the best. Oddly enough the two most corroded assemblies I had, had good copper armatures. But as mentioned west coast classic cougar is a great source of info and parts and worth hitting them up
  2. Yeah I had my DA get away from me and I hadn’t removed my drip rail yet haha. So there will always be a few curly marks there for me to hate. This was more of an experiment but I’m happy to say the glass was better than it started to be haha!
  3. Trust me when I say I understand that. I have well water. If your shower doesn’t smell like blood and full of rust stains you’re doing better than me!
  4. Yeah it’s not really removing much, I wasn’t trying to get rid of anything deep at all. Just that rough surface really. This isn’t meant to grind away glass, the abrasive is pretty mild but it can definitely clean up hardened dirt that normal glass cleaner won’t remove
  5. Awesome!! Be sure to let me know if it works! I was really happy with the result. Def not Able to remove deep scratches but makes a huge difference on those light ones
  6. Yeah there were some deeper markers where I believe the moulding was rubbing, I wasn’t to concerned on that part mainly just the roughed up areas that weren’t coming off with normal glass cleaner. Definitely better than what it was!
  7. Well... I did watch to see what I used maybe it’s worth a try on yours?
  8. Yup I know 😒 but it was either this or wait till painting weather and I wasn’t gunna let this thing sit around. But thats why we did jambs and edges done, it will be a taping trick for sure but the way I see it, many many paint jobs have been done without having it totally disassembled. As long as we’re careful with hard lines, well be all good ;) and if I can have my windows in I don’t have to stress about the interior as much
  9. Love this write up. When I had mine all apart I not only checked the canisters by themselves but then after everything was hooked up I checked at the vacuum line connector all doors function good. however, I did not blow out that selector switch. I just got done hooking up my climate control (harness, vacuum block, lines, warm/cool cable etc. ive got a ways to go before I have the engine in but if something doesn’t work I’ll know where to check! Awesome tips
  10. Absolutely would be much easier. Unfortunately we ran out of time in the place where we were doing body work and primer. Had we of had another month we could of got it painted. But we didn’t want to hold off on continuing the restoration so we did the jambs and edges so we could assemble the car and put windows in. That way when we go to paint we can roll up windows, tape off and be careful about our hard lines. it’s not ideal but with the time we had and the locations we were using this is what we ended up deciding what to do!
  11. I just wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of you who have been helping me through this process. It has been a monumental help to have so much knowledge to look back on, especially since I am in a remote area with no real shops or many other 71-73 mustangs around. You guys are the best!

  12. im glad i found this thread, i am nearing this part of my restoration as well and have been wondering about how to do it the strip caulk looks awesome to use
  13. man i feel like i keep reading and hearing different things about using the foam tape and or sealant and process. however i suppose whats most important is that things are water tight and the trim clips in. Thank you for the videos and tips as always
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