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  1. Thanks for the tips! I def plan on trying the shim idea. No repop sheetmetal here! But with that being said it is 50 year old sheet metal and who knows the history haha!
  2. See my comment below but I think there may be a slight difference in hood trim depending on year cuz I got a repop and it doesn’t fit And has the wrap around part
  3. Alrighty guys I’m finding out some interesting stuff as mentioned above it seems most go over in fact I have a repop piece that does and it doesn’t fit. I’m trying to read the part number. I believe early 71 models (mine is 11/70) had a different piece. anyone else?
  4. Hey guys! How cool is this, the green machine is taking shape! overall I’m really happy with the gaps all things considered. In fact I ended up not using the passenger repop fender because of how badly it lined up and went back to the original one and will just deal with the body work. That being said the only “non Original” part on the whole outer sheet metal is the very rear quarter panel section below the side marker light. Besides that this baby has all original sheet metal! with that being said gaps aren’t perfect but very passable. spent quite a bit of time on fenders and
  5. I am in the process of looking at this for an option. the site says it is held in place by trim. Did you use any adheasive in the top and/or did you use stock headliner insulation? I like the idea of being able to do this with windows installed.
  6. Funny you say that I noticed my numbers were worn but i wasn’t too worried about it to be honest I can see them enough and plus I won’t be going far with a big block anyways haha! I’ll just make sure to top off every time I see a gas station
  7. Yeah! This project came with that lens and since it had that marked out section I figured it was worth a try. worst case I just buy the other style. I was noticing my gauge cluster only says 4000 miles. Makes me wonder what the story is haha! But hey it’s a tach cluster with a trip meter so that’s cool!
  8. Hey guys! So I tackled a project this morning and was taking some video explaining what I was doing to someone and they suggested I make a video! so here we go! ACP # FM-BI009 lens hope this helps you guys.
  9. Man, that would be my very stubborn old school father. when it comes time to do th whole car I’ll be sure to not let him pick up a gun until he has his gear on
  10. Thanks! Yes it’s super important to document for tons of reasons but also it’s been a great reminder to myself how far I’ve come when I feel overwhelmed or when I don’t think I’m where I should be. it’s a boost of energy to see where I’m at. this green is beautiful but I definitely am having black stripes, lower blackout, chin and rear spoiler and rear window louvers I’m going to do OG dog dish hubcaps but no rings and satin black steelies. i aLso plan on doing chrome wheel trim just for a little bit of chrome but not too much ;)
  11. also for those curious the green is #100483318 Martin Senior Tech Base go to your local Napa and they can mix you up some!
  12. Thanks! I just decided to get a new box from ACP, living in AK is tough on shipping but I have a freight forwarder in WA. really appreciate it though!
  13. ***EDIT** I did decide to just get a new air box from ACP but still wanted to keep this post so people can comment or give tips. Been in the process of going through and doing my best to either replace or restore the heater box and components. one door was rusted beyond use though and I need one. also I’m open to any tips or tricks when doing these. see attached pics I believe it’s #10 in that diagram
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