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  1. Just submitted my 20$ donation/raffle entry. what a cool looking piece! Thanks to the person who gave it to raffle off!
  2. Just a little update I’ve been so busy working on it and not filming as much as I wanted for a video. got the beast in the shop and had the suspension removed and placed on a dolly. then hand sanded the doors deck lid one fender (have a new one for the other side) and the hood so I could get them primed. currently waiting on all new suspension! Get it back to rolling again. also rebuilt my hurst shifter! like I said lots of work...def not losing steam... just getting started ...
  3. just did a little looking and doesnt the bumper cover those holes anyways? i could always get little plugs to go in there also right? or is it just about keeping things how they should be? or more importantly, keeping water out haha
  4. yes this is def the post i was reading, lots of good info here. so glad.
  5. That’s funny you mention that I just had someone tell me! I’ll be sure to weld those up! Thanks for the tips! and I guess I need to get my honey comb back piece so I can make the holes
  6. I was looking at other posts of yours about interior installation. Seems to be certain orders of things. I still have body work and suspension I wanna tackle first but I believe I’ve got dome light wiring and roof insulation soon.
  7. Great day! Primer and satin black for interior, engine bay, and underneath.
  8. Thanks! Yes he’s great! It doesn’t show in the video but it was all flush for the floor pan. He has this cool trick where he overlaps slightly then uses it as a guide for his air saw that when he cuts gives the perfect width for the butweld. he did really well on the cowl as well. Super impressed with his work. And the rear quarter panel section, can’t even tell!
  9. Thanks! I actually decided not to use the spare tire bracket and will keep it nice and open. I did align the gas tank before we welded everything in to make sure all was good, which it was! im definitely going as fast as I can because I so badly want this done! long hours but with the help of my wife and friends it’s been going great
  10. Haha! Totally different days and times, this video was shot over a couple weeks and to be quite honest I simply forgot and put them on right after that last clip. I knew someone would give me hell about that ;) rest assured tho, I had them on.. that quick clip tho I had been going back and forth from welding to grinding and just forgot to grab them. not an excuse tho, I do like to be safe.
  11. Got a lot done this weekend and was able to help out the body guy do sheet metal work update video coming
  12. So glad to have this done! all sorts of goodies New rebuild kit (bearings, needles, seals, gaskets, o-rings, synchros, snap rings) New 2nd, 3rd, 4th (input) gear New 1-2 and 3-4 slider assembly Had it sand blasted down to bare cast, primed and sealed with duplicolor engine paint (cast iron color) Filled with fresh 80w-90. First time every doing this, huge thanks to you guys as well as the “work bench how to” books.
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