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  1. hahaha how did you know? shoot ive been staying up late planning the mustang steps since day one! as you can tell im a wee bit excited! things are really starting to look good and i feel like i can sense the end. I love being able to just put things together and watch it all make sense from back when it was all a box of parts. especially since the car was disassembled when i got it, so its more together than ive ever seen it!
  2. It’s definitely something I’ve noticed can really help a car or not compliment it. Kind of depends on a few factors. I think it gave the whole wheels and tires a complete look with this one. I also like how they’re pretty thin so they’re not too distracting. I got my whole set from CJ pony parts for 145$ i believe and it came with the screws. Little nerve racking putting a couple holes in freshly painted fenders but it was worth it
  3. Definitely good advise that I took. My interior is actually together!
  4. Exciting times! Loving the assembly process even though I’ve ran into a few bumps but I mean. It’s to be expected right? Any tips and tricks appreciated!
  5. Nope! They fit well and I have about 1.25” before the leafs buuuut the tires are just touching the factory rear sway bar so I’m going to need to look at some aftermarket ones
  6. Figured I’d make a quick post that not only shows the update on the car but talks about what I’m running for wheels and tires! Enjoy!
  7. Thank you! I am actually not too sure as it was something that was in a box of parts that came with the car. I’ll see if I can find any paperwork on it
  8. Huge thanks to @Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs for the detailed info of his blackout write up. Hopefully i didn’t butcher your name. Contact him directly for the write up! The stencil I had wasn’t too horrible but having references and measurements were helpful especially on how far forward to place it. will post another video soon! Be sure to subscribe if you wanna follow the build!
  9. The yellow Mach I found in a field last winter was totally that situation where I went and knocked on the door. it was quite a pile of rust but had some goodies. Definitely worth the 500$. always worth an ask!
  10. I dig the decor group. I’m actually going to have some of it on my car. I’ve got the wheel well molding trim and I am thinking about keeping the upper hood trim with the small upper fender pieces. I just don’t see that on many cars. I’m not sure how Itl look with the blackout hood but I’ll hold the pieces up there and see. I won’t be using the lower rocker trim tho, that one I’m not too much of a fan
  11. Wow that’s pretty rare! I have a feeling if I paid the 80$ this car could be boiled down to a 1 of 1 with the options. Definitely has some good ones
  12. So true the way I see it is if this car can contribute to others in helping them restore another then it’s not wasted. Plus it really helped me see how things go together and having it as reference has been amazing
  13. Good words! I had a lot of metal work in my Mach and that was expensive but this one easily needs 3X more work and sheetmetal so sad to see it like this
  14. Believe it or not that’s part of what I like about it the most too. It has the look, it had cool options, nothing fancy in the drivetrain (minus traction lock) but it was unique. Always makes me wish I could go back in time and see was this car ordered with specific options by someone who wanted them? At this point I don’t really have the means to full on restore it but if I wasn’t 3/4 of the way through on my other one I prob would of tried. I would need to take it down all the way tho and see how bad some frame rails and torque boxes are cuz from a quick glance I was seeing a deck of cards in rust in too many important places
  15. I don’t think I appreciated the grabber lime color until I saw it in person, it’s definitely really cool! There’s definitely something about these cars that grab on to you and make you fall in love! I got the bug when I was a kid and it never left me
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