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  1. Takes after grandpas beer belly 😂
  2. eBay search newborn mustang clothes I believe
  3. Decided since I live on the coast and am making a driver I should protect the tank seems how the yellow parts car tank I had was completely rusted I figured I should be proactive. ill be installing it soon! also here’s Weston looking sharp
  4. You know it’s funny my snap on beanie has become such a joke (I’ve worn it for 10 years) so my boss had the custom beanies made. It’s so fun to have a little guy around I can’t wait to have him help! hopefully my video helps you out! The whole park brake cable thing was interesting to me since I didn’t remove it but now it all makes sense
  5. My wife and I have been wanting this for years now, we couldn’t be more excited!
  6. Haha I feel like this could be a kids shirt
  7. I love this quote and it couldn’t be more true. I feel like trying to sleep last night was suuuuuuch a long night but this past month has flown!
  8. Hahaha!!! It’s on an area that hasn’t been cut n buffed and needs hood black out ;) don’t worry I thought about that. in fact the whole car is gunnna need a good cut n buff so I’m not too worried. and yeah homer being coastal it has a pretty mild temp in the summer. It’s been hanging around 50-60 during the day and 40-50 in the evening! Not a very hot summer this year at all.
  9. No surprise on how great it looks. Your restoration is something of quality I hope to achieve someday. Won’t be with my current one though haha! Good timing as I’m about to do my brake lines on the rear as well. Super excited to see this project continue!
  10. All this was filmed before Weston came and as you could imagine I havent had time to do much other than hang out with him and my wife but i was able to get around to posting this video tonight. I hope to have a new one up in a couple weeks. Also exciting news my engine should be out of the machine shop here soon. That will be a great day!
  11. Weston Robert Days came a week ago healthy and safe! A couple days after I got my parts car home. Taking time to be with my family but can’t wait to take home on rides in the Mach 1!
  12. Let’s hope! They are definitely really coming out right now
  13. I was kinda leaning towards Ninja Turtle 🤷‍♂️ 🐢
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