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  1. Haha yes! This spring. If I would of had an engine this fall it would be done by now. but yes springtime is my goal, that will be just shy of 2 years restoring it. maybe I’ll take my other sportsroof and turn it into an ice racer so I can drive a 71mustang in the winter haha!
  2. its super cool to go back and see where ive come, also lets others know what i started with and how i got to where im at now. Its by no means perfect or concourse but it is def a very awesome solid driver i look forward to cruising around in!
  3. It’s really crazy to look back at all the videos and see how far I’ve come. It’s easy to forget. But like I’ve mentioned any progress is progress! No matter how small
  4. lots of determination! and drive to get this thing on the road so i can enjoy it! haha
  5. Thank you so much for watching them! Glad you enjoy! That’s such a good way to put it too, just a regular guy working on his ride! Haha I should make T-shirts now! anyways I’m gunna keep chipping away! Taking you guys with me
  6. Could try that! I have a dremmel but that oscillating tool helped before I’ll try that again and see!
  7. Definitely learned a lot and think the other side will go smoother once I grab a better tool! Haha, hope this helps some be sure to subscribe for more videos! There’s almost 30 episodes now!
  8. I believe it’s Wednesday the 10th in the afternoon. Arrive in Sac at noon then having fam pick us up and driving us to Redding
  9. Just went through the old post. Seems how I am traveling VIA airplane from Alaska to CA I don’t think I can check the fiberglass hood into my baggage 😂 I’m a sucker for grabbing parts tho, and would do it if I could.
  10. Unfortunately my wife, Weston and I will need to take a last minute trip to Redding, CA to deal with some family things, however I figured if there was any other members in the area and wanted to meet up for a coffee or beer with their car it’d be great to meet another 71-73 member! Private message me and I can give you details and contact info.
  11. Making progress even though I had a few setbacks!
  12. hahaha how did you know? shoot ive been staying up late planning the mustang steps since day one! as you can tell im a wee bit excited! things are really starting to look good and i feel like i can sense the end. I love being able to just put things together and watch it all make sense from back when it was all a box of parts. especially since the car was disassembled when i got it, so its more together than ive ever seen it!
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