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  1. @Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs has some great tips on this and hoping he will post ;)
  2. Care to share the price on that? very curious also how bout pics!
  3. I didn’t really do anything with the trim I am using other than clean it up, I know this topic has been talked about a bunch but I did a little experiment after watching some YouTube videos on extra trim I had. figured this would be a cool post to add any tips and tricks you’ve found
  4. Yeah I’d def be a bit concerned of any more potential damage if being shipped again. Looks to be easy to mess up that box
  5. Yeah I think with the proper repair techniques it could be quite a nice repair that’s not noticeable
  6. Man I could see this being a pain to deal with especially if you need access to the trunk. And I imagine it can scratch up the deck lid
  7. From what I’ve seen the holes to be drilled are on the 69-70 models, I believe there are no hard fixed mounting parts on the 71-73 styles but don’t quote me.
  8. Haha! Hey it’s all good, I get it, technically they didn’t come on our cars but I feel like when the 69-70 cars came out and had them as an option it really stood out. I love the way they look. I feel like they give it an agressive style and seems how I’ve got the rear and front spoiler and super fat rear tires let’s top off that classic muscle car look with louvers!
  9. You know, I’m not really too particular about what kind. I’d be open to either. You’re right shipping to AK is horrible however I have a freight forwarder I use for large items. It’s really been helpful for the restoration. It’d be to Fife, WA. feel free to contact me directly 907-299-7283 and we can chat!
  10. Can’t help but love the look. Really brings back memories of when I first saw one. Does anyone have any rear window louvers for sale?
  11. Short video of me showing some goodies I got from another Mach I found as well as older footage of me installing the gas tank. be sure to subscribe to the channel and if you are on Instagram you can follow @ak71mach1 I’m very active on that account showing my small daily projects
  12. Heading off to get the lower black out and hood black out done but it looked too good right here not to take a pic
  13. Alright! man, what progress this has been...Ive been installing my interior a bit, then taking it apart, then installing again...keep in mind I did not have interior in when I got this car. I just installed the carpet and I had a couple questions. Mainly around the area where it comes up and over the rocker into the sil plate area. I dont have the cardboard pieces but was thinking about making some of finding something to work. Anyone have any ideas? Secondly, do those pieces help pull the carpet tight around that area? it seems the 90 degree upwards before going over the pinch weld lip just kind of bulges out a bit. (The area where you bolt your seatbelt to) I was thinking about spraying some adhesive just to hold it in place and have it be a little more better looking. Besides that, it looks pretty good and tight. Another thought, where the small c pillar molding? the part that is placed at the front of the sail panel, is it possible that i may have to drill through that sail panel so that mounting screw goes through and makes contact with the metal part its meant to? seems like my sail panel is a bit long. I am also just open to anyone to post as many pictures of their interior as they want haha! fold down seats are a bonus. for now ill keep on rocking and figuring it out along the way. Thanks for all the help!~
  14. What light would it illuminate? I was thinking about getting the switch so I could plug it in, but I don’t have any indicators that I can see on my dash
  15. Finally got this thing done. I’ve been working on it daily for almost 3 weeks 4 layers of old paint removed with paint stripper and DA major damaged areas repaired with 3M semi rigid plastic repair sprayed 2K urethane primer with flex additive blocked and sanded and painted many times for that crisp clean look. just need to wet sand and paint!
  16. So excited for this!! rears are going on a custom set of wheel vintiques 62 series 15X10 with 6” backspacing fronts are stock 14X7” going for the satin black wheel with dog dish with no trim rings
  17. I’m bummed! My nice camera (Sony A6000) just stopped working with error messages. I had a little bit of footage and I may add it to some taken on my phone until I get things sorted. so here’s an update: -installed gas tank -installed new brake lines on diff and up to distribution block. Bled brakes and yes they’re woking! -routing engine bay harness and routed power window harness, hooked up to main Starter solenoid/junction block. -hooked up a battery and tested a few things, wipers, gauge lights, radio, and cig lighter Work! prepping up my urethane bumper for paint (using 3M semi rigid plastic repair) up next?! -going back paint shop for blackout and hood paint. -engine should be back from machine shop in a couple weeks (estimated 500 hp and 500lbft TQ) it’s been bored and stroked to about a 470 now with all sorts of internal goodies. I’ll post build sheet. continue on assembly! Carpet, belts, weatherstrip, get slip yoke, driveshaft, and exhaust. So so much to do but things are going well! if you’d like I’ve been active on my Instagram account where you can get updates @ak71mach1 hope to get my video situation resolved!
  18. Takes after grandpas beer belly 😂
  19. eBay search newborn mustang clothes I believe
  20. Decided since I live on the coast and am making a driver I should protect the tank seems how the yellow parts car tank I had was completely rusted I figured I should be proactive. ill be installing it soon! also here’s Weston looking sharp
  21. You know it’s funny my snap on beanie has become such a joke (I’ve worn it for 10 years) so my boss had the custom beanies made. It’s so fun to have a little guy around I can’t wait to have him help! hopefully my video helps you out! The whole park brake cable thing was interesting to me since I didn’t remove it but now it all makes sense
  22. My wife and I have been wanting this for years now, we couldn’t be more excited!
  23. Haha I feel like this could be a kids shirt
  24. I love this quote and it couldn’t be more true. I feel like trying to sleep last night was suuuuuuch a long night but this past month has flown!
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