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  1. Hi Does any one know if the top has to peeled back or removed to replace the top latch? My latch on the passenger side is broken and needs repaired. Thanks
  2. Hi Evey one, I was just referred to this site by another forum, and I'm glad to see so many big body fans. I my self has always wanted one having missed out on a code Mach back in the 80's. Having owned 13 other Mustangs since 81 I recently sold my 67 GT390 cpe due to arthritis making the 4 speed miserable. i bought last year my wanted car for years at the Spring Carlisle swap meet. I now have a 73 Convertible with the 351 CJ. Car is auto ps, pb, power top, AC, forged aluminum rims am fm radio and deluxe intirior. in other word every thing but thee instrumentation group and rim blow wheel. The
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