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  1. I'm keeping it Tim. She came with I6, so she's going to keep it. It's the first car I've rebuilt, so a lot of learning going on with it.
  2. I might be interested a couple parts also. I'll see what you get listed.
  3. Right now my car is a little in pieces. Pulled it in the garage this morning, then shut it off to water the garden. I went back 30 minutes later to turn it around so I could work on switching fenders and putting in new fender bolts and shims, and the car wouldn't start, or even have power at all. The interior is removed still from last weekend's fun of weatherstripping checking the under the carpet pad. I'll get some uploaded as soon as I can get it put back together a little more.
  4. Those are the places I've been looking. Too bad Mustangs Unlimited went out of business. They used to have a good stock.
  5. Only surface rust. I have a few areas I have to fix, from before i got the car.
  6. I just found this site while troubleshooting an issue. I wish I would have found it a lot sooner. Just reading through a few forums and seems to be a lot of good info. I have a '71 Fastback with a 250 and 3 speed on the floor. I had the engine and tranny rebuilt about 12 years back and still have less than 5k miles on them. The car sat for 9 of the last 10 years unfortunately, but now able to work on the car again. I'm glad that there is a site devoted to the Big Bodies. Thank you for all of your posts, I have many hours of reading and help now. I'm trying to find where to get a lot of the little parts, since it's hard to find parts cars now a days. Enjoy your day.
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