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  1. Tommyt

    Smog filter

    Thanks I'll look to see if I can find a bracket. At least I know the setup. I guess I'm lucky the canister is even there. Thanks again👍
  2. Tommyt

    Smog filter

    1971 Mustang Mach 1 and I have the charcoal filter(?) just hanging on the passenger side of the engine compartment. Am I missing a bracket I can't see how to attach it and make it stationary.
  3. Stanglover I really enjoyed reading your post. Lot of good info there👍
  4. On my fuel system the line itself was bad. I did new tank new sender new pump but couldn't get gas. I then added a electric pump back at the tank and it got gas and ran. I could spray cleaner through the line when off the car and the cleaner came through. I then pulled the big steel line again and replaced with aluminum tubing and that fixed it. That old line must have been corroded inside. Now gas flows good fills up filter fast with just the stock mech. Pump and I had to put a regulator on it since I'm running a new edlebrock carb.
  5. Tommyt


    She Is licensed and on the street. Thanks Kilgon I came back in and reread your post. The new distributor was a notch off. It would idle great then die in gear. So I moved a notch ccs and started spinning tires. Never had a bad distributor before. Would sit there and go up and down barely running like only 4 cyclinders were working.
  6. Tommyt


    Finally. Bad distributor. Learned all about pulling the cover and checking timing chain. Can’t see anything wrong visually with the distributor but the new one fixed it right up.😀
  7. Tommyt


    I did pull the valve covers and every cylinder was functioning. The one before me has been trying to get it to run for 3 years. Good chance something assembled incorrect, or maybe oil without zinc has been used.
  8. Tommyt


    Update- all the easy ones eliminated. I have her at a shop. We got it running but it’s up and down like half the cylinders are working. Mechanic thinks maybe timing chain incorrect.
  9. Tommyt


    Timing is direction I’m going thanks for all the replies I’ll add posts as I go. Great to have this site. To the guy in Michigan your red Mach is super sharp. I have a friend with a m code 4 speed strong engine👍
  10. Tommyt


    Sound advice thanks. Watching that fire come out the tailpipe not a good feeling. The engine is the h code 2barrel and has had the edlebrock 4 barrel installed. I’m gonna plug the vacuum port temp. To eliminate that as my source of back fire. I’ve been doing the blow your finger out of number one and set the distributor at number one. I have wondered if I might be off by one notch. When I get it running the dist. is pushed into the radiator hose. That means I’m pushing the dist. in a cw direction. Thanks for your help. I’ll drop in some clean plugs and stick with 600 carb as I move forward. Th
  11. Tommyt


    I have recently purchased a1971 Mustang Mach 1 with a 351 Cleveland. I haven’t been able to get it running yet. New points, condenser, coil got it started. I keep getting a backfire on the 1-4 side. Have shot fire out the tailpipe a few times. Cyclinder 1 and distributor line up tdc does not. I’m guessing cam has been changed. Have tried two carbs 750 and 600. Tried new wires still got backfire. Plugs were new but will try new again on them the 750 was too rich and I believe I ruined those. Should I try a new carb? Afraid I’ll mess it up with a backfire. Am I overlooking a simple? Any help ide

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