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  1. Time to catch up on my 71 Mach 351-c 2v. I removed the edlebrock manifold and carb went back to factory intake with 2 barrel Holley. 
        I installed a cam and lifters first time for me. Cam is rated idle to 4000 on the specs. I was just trying for something close to a factory cam. Hope I got it.

         Cutting ahead still was having problem with going dead. Decided to install the Petronix and coil. The magnetic pickup would not fit. Petronix cs said aftermarket lobe to big. Got an autolite from npd car runs great with that dizzy. Either cam made the aftermarket bad or wrong dizzy.

        I still ain’t there yet. I can drive everywhere as long as I run under 70 mph. When I go fast really mash the gas she dies. I’ve adjusted float started high and went down till I now flip on the electric pump and that lets me keep going.

       Going to bring float back up a little I’m right there. Also the two idle screws function correctly as in kill the engine.

        Any ideas the gas is good the electric good new dizzy,regulator, capacitor, alternator isn’t new reads correct.

        Can the bottom of the engine be worn causing this? What about the heads can they do this? Thanks in advance

    ps right knee replacement Monday in case I don’t get back soon.





    1. Tommyt


      Simple matter of lean. Like uncle Tony says” you don’t know what you’re getting”.

            My engine has been modified and made strong. When I put a factory manifold and a two barrel 500 cam Holley, she just couldn’t get enough gas. Upsizing the jets is doing the trick.👍

    2. Tommyt


      My Mustang is running good, actually I’ve about turned it into a daily driver. I had bought a Petronix ignition and when I went to install it wouldn’t fit. The aftermarket dist had too large lobes. I bought a dist from NPD and got an autolite. That dist fixed my dying and cutting out. It appeared there was about 8 to 10 degrees difference in the distbutors. Wrong part or I damaged the aftermarket. 
          If I can figure out the process I’ll add a photo.

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