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  1. I have used a fuel regulator on edlebrock. They seem to flood out when you don't have one. I will check electrical there is a white substance that keeps showing up under the regulator(voltage). I have a new battery so I replacevoltage reg and capacitor. Also the dist is new but I'll check the ground as make sure on coil as well. Thanks for input.
  2. 351 Cleveland edlebrock carb Mr. Gasket regulator. New fuel system gas tank to carb. Got trash at the gas station. still having trouble cleaned carb, changed filter, seems to still have spell of missing like trash. Filter looks clean. Could regulator be my problem have seen poor talk on Mr. Gasket brand. Timing can't be set precise as balancer doesn't read correct. Starts with easy touch off runs good to what seems like trash coming through. I ain't missing nothing am I?
  3. I'm enjoying this site. I have already received some very informative tips. I'm on my 8th Mustang, I bought my first one in 1975. I didn't know how to do anything back in those days except drive. Over the years I've taught myself a lot. I've had a 73 Mach, 71 coupe, 69 fastback, 72 coupe, 70 coupe, 73 fastback, 70 grande, and now 71 Mach 1. My 70 coupe I owned 34 years and 9 months. It was a 351 c with a three speed competion orange. It had electric seat locks I sold it back to the original owners family. I must confess the 71-73 are the best to me. They are just the coolest, best looking cars
  4. Tommyt


    Don that's how I made my mark. I made sure piston 1 was on compression distributor at one and marked the dampener. Replacing the dampener is on the list.Thanks for the reply👍
  5. Tommyt


    I have never built an engine. What I would like to know is how does tdc get moved on the dampener. What I mean is on my car the engine a 351 c 71my which has been rebuilt and strengthened tdc doesnt line up with the #1 piston and the distributor. The dampener looks original and kind of ratty. Some of the rubber has fell out of it. I just drew me a new tdc but it’s on the other side of the dampener from the factory tdc. So has that dampener moved or can you build an engine with an upgraded cam that makes the tdc read different. Also the time is coming I’m gonna
  6. Tommyt

    Smog filter

    Thanks I'll look to see if I can find a bracket. At least I know the setup. I guess I'm lucky the canister is even there. Thanks again👍
  7. Tommyt

    Smog filter

    1971 Mustang Mach 1 and I have the charcoal filter(?) just hanging on the passenger side of the engine compartment. Am I missing a bracket I can't see how to attach it and make it stationary.
  8. Stanglover I really enjoyed reading your post. Lot of good info there👍
  9. On my fuel system the line itself was bad. I did new tank new sender new pump but couldn't get gas. I then added a electric pump back at the tank and it got gas and ran. I could spray cleaner through the line when off the car and the cleaner came through. I then pulled the big steel line again and replaced with aluminum tubing and that fixed it. That old line must have been corroded inside. Now gas flows good fills up filter fast with just the stock mech. Pump and I had to put a regulator on it since I'm running a new edlebrock carb.
  10. Tommyt


    She Is licensed and on the street. Thanks Kilgon I came back in and reread your post. The new distributor was a notch off. It would idle great then die in gear. So I moved a notch ccs and started spinning tires. Never had a bad distributor before. Would sit there and go up and down barely running like only 4 cyclinders were working.
  11. Tommyt


    Finally. Bad distributor. Learned all about pulling the cover and checking timing chain. Can’t see anything wrong visually with the distributor but the new one fixed it right up.😀
  12. Tommyt


    I did pull the valve covers and every cylinder was functioning. The one before me has been trying to get it to run for 3 years. Good chance something assembled incorrect, or maybe oil without zinc has been used.
  13. Tommyt


    Update- all the easy ones eliminated. I have her at a shop. We got it running but it’s up and down like half the cylinders are working. Mechanic thinks maybe timing chain incorrect.
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