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  1. Thanks for the info On the passenger side there is just a plastic nub that sticks out of the air cleaner and hose wont go over it. Looks like your piece comes out of air cleaner and turns 90 degrees. Maybe I need to replace that piece? Picture attached. Thanks'
  2. 1971n Mach 1 Cant seem to find a hose that fits over the pcv valve and also onto the air cleaner port. Using a air/vapor rubber hose and way too tight on both. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi Passenger door works like a charm, grabs and pulls tight when closing like a new car . Guess bc it was used a lot more drivers door doesnt grab very well and doesnt pull tight. I replaced the door striker bolt. Is there any adjustment that will help or do I need to replace something else? Anyone who has worked through this please offer advice. Thanks Don
  4. Hi Any special method to remove these without having the clips rip through the fiber board? Thanks
  5. Yeah I think I will buy the complete set thanks
  6. 1971 Mach 1 Remove door striker bolt, remove washer, insert new bushing, reinstall. Everything as planned but the washer will not come off of the striker bolt> Tried wd-40 punch and hammer, no luck. Tried turning washer to catch threads and turn, no luck. Cant install new bushing without removing the washer. Any thoughts?
  7. Is the oil sender at the back of the intake manifold an indicator of a Boss 351 engine? Thought I read that somewhere
  8. Its got like a 2" damper. Ive got a snake camera, what should I look for on the piston?
  9. Im new to this year/make of mustang. Just got the car and noticing some missing items. Looks like two ports on the left side of air cleaner with nothing. Think that one is for the passenger side pcv valve (which one?) bc the hole is open on the passenger side valve cover. Not sure what the other is for and where a hose attached to it goes. Also wondering what the large hole on the bottom side is for (finger pointing at it). Does a hose attach to this? Is it turned in the correct way towards the right front fender? Thanks in advance for the help. Newbie trying to learn.
  10. It’s has a 4v carb but it doesn’t have the ram air hood . So based on that is the air cleaner correct?
  11. I bought the car bc I like it and want to make improvements to it and go out and polish it and admire it and every so often on a nice day drive it. I appreciate the comments relative to the worm clamp and anything I can do to keep it somewhat original and also make it better. The topic of whether or not its a Boss 351 engine, as the seller stated and the seller before him stated is just a matter of my innate curiosity at this point. DO I want to tear the motor apart to find out, no. So I have attached a bunch of pictures and if you want to make comments, good or bad or advise things I can do I will appreciate all comments. If you see anything one way or another to lead you to believe it is or is not a Boss 351 engine, let me know. Thanks Don
  12. Ive got D1ZX-9425 on the intake manifold
  13. I have a 1971 Mach I that supposedly has a 351 Boss engine in it. Its not the engine that came in the car so the vin number wont help. Where do I look, what do I look for to determine (numbers on the engine) if it is a true Boss 351 engine? Guessing its based on the carb and intake manifold?
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