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  1. Thanks Tim. Yeah, I posted progress shots on that project on Fordification.com, a site devoted to the Bump Side era Ford pickups.
  2. Here's a few photos of my '68 F250 4x4 Highboy. I brought it back to life summer of '18. Got truck for the remotes of North Idaho. Wife and dog prefer it to any of my other rides!
  3. Got a bunch of the engine externals put back together; fuel line, spark plug wires, heater hoses and valves, alternator/regulator and wiring, engine bay wiring harnesses, etc. Unfortunately I am heading to warmer climes until April so nothing more is going to happen until then.
  4. Thanks. That was my plan as well. I agree about not blasting the mechanism.
  5. Jeff- Your hood latch and support look like you have already cleaned them up and repainted. A question for you: How did you clean them? I am looking to do the same to mine. Normally I bead blast the crud and old paint before priming and painting, but I am worried about not being able to get all the beads out of the mechanism and there is no way to completely disassemble it. Any pointers? Thanks.
  6. Good to hear you like the ride. I am considering a set when I rebuild my suspension. Are these Bilsteins non-gas charged shocks?
  7. I rebuilt my 45 year old Autolite alternator. Before, during and after photos below:
  8. Thank you Hemikiller for answering my question and thanks Mac for your great tutorial!
  9. 351C engine; the two bolts that hold the alternator bracket to the engine attach to the front of the water pump. My questions is: do these attachment bolts penetrate the 'wet' area of the water pump? If I remove them do I have to worry about radiator fluid leaking out or when I re-install them do I need to worry about any particular thread sealant on the threads? Thanks.
  10. What a great idea! I only have the factory AM radio but may go this route as well.
  11. Details on the rear end? Did you buy a complete differential or rework the original? Looks nice!
  12. Are you not running a fuel filter, or is it somewhere in line before the pump?
  13. Welcome from North Idaho! Tell us more about your car. Has it been drivable the whole time you've owned it?
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