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  1. I painted my hood today. After gaining confidence with the paint gun on the front bumper I figured what the hell, give it a go. Here it is with stencil in place, masked, sanded and tacked ready for paint: Well, moment of truth. After two coasts of single stage and thirty minutes to flash, I removed all the tape. Ta da! I'm pretty happy with the result. Not too shabby for "amateur hour". Going to let it bake overnight and then reinstall tomorrow. I'll wait a few days before putting on the Argent 351 RAM AIR decals.
  2. Sorry, the transmission has already found a home.
  3. He's a forum member here. Profile name Trevynd: https://7173mustangs.com/forums/profile/7306-trevynd/
  4. So today I finished up the paint on my front bumper. Here it is in the paint booth after sanding down the primer, final wipe with wax remover and tack cloth. I also vacuumed the paint booth and sprayed down some dust treatment on the floor. A sealer coat was applied next. It helped to gain a little confidence with the paint gun before applying actual paint. One more tack and it was time to lay down paint. Four coats: And then finally four coats of high durability clear: The finished product looks pretty good for my first attempt with a paint gun. It will be baked overnight. Frankly the whole process was not as difficult as I had imagined. Using a paint gun was much easier than a rattle can! Paint work has always been black magic to me. It was actually pretty fun to give it a go. I'm a little worried the bumper is going to look too nice up against the 45 year old paint on the rest of the car...ha! I have decided I am going to tackle painting the Mach 1 hood blackout myself next week. I need to get a buddy over to help me lift off the hood this weekend as I am going to paint it off the car.
  5. I decided to repaint my front bumper to get rid of 45 years of stone chips and blemishes, and a really bad paint chip repair I did back in '79 or '80 with a mismatched bottle of touch up paint and a brush. I removed the bumper and cleaned things up. I took down to a local body shop where they let me do the repairs myself. I shot the primer today and hope to lay down color tomorrow. This is my first time painting using something other than a rattle can. I figure if I can get the bumper right I can go on to bigger things. I hoping to get enough confidence to do the hood Mach 1 blackout paint myself.
  6. My car leaned about the same amount as yours to the driver's side before I installed the new Eaton leaf springs. As for wheels/tires: I'm running Wheel Vintiques Magnum 500's; 15x8 rear and 15x7 front. Tires are BFG 245/60R-15 rear and 225/60R-15 front.
  7. After 48 years, my '73 sat slightly low on the driver's side. I didn't measure it, but it could certainly be noticed looking straight on from the rear. I replaced the rear leaf springs with Eaton springs and new stock length Eaton shackles. Now the car sits even side to side. Eaton makes three different springs for our cars; Standard, Competition and Boss. I installed the Competition springs and I am happy with the selection. As far as the typical rear squat our cars have, I corrected that at the same time by cutting 1/2 coil out of the stock original front springs. Photos show stance now.
  8. I agree, super useful little scraper. For anyone wondering, you can get one for about $7 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Red-Devil-4251-Painters-6-In-1-Tool/dp/B00002N6IT/ref=pd_sbs_5/135-7982815-0341940?pd_rd_w=8DK8v&pf_rd_p=80c0d3b7-327a-454b-88c8-6e53987776ab&pf_rd_r=GZ2VWQVSXG5KH2ZRC52M&pd_rd_r=43f0c14e-1bed-4bf1-898c-78ab1dd3d28a&pd_rd_wg=qCIX6&pd_rd_i=B00002N6IT&psc=1
  9. My bad; I was mistaken. Your wing is perfect! Sorry about that.
  10. Welcome from North Idaho! Those are some great glamor photos you took, quite stunning. Just a suggestion as you make a list of things you are looking to address; I think your rear wing is on backwards.
  11. Leaves are changing, it won't be long now before the old girl gets put away for the winter. Meanwhile I'm enjoying the back roads of North Idaho.
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