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  1. I guess I could have written my question about the number of splines clearer. Thank you for confirming "28".
  2. Am I right in assuming the standard rear end in a 1973 H code non locking rear end is 28 spline? Thanks.
  3. The last thing I want to do (especially as a FNG!) is to get a reputation for hijacking threads, but I can't help but post up a couple pics of my TR250. Sorry...now back to the PS cooler...
  4. Good advice. Mine is original. I am replacing all of my hoses so I will take it apart and make sure it works. Thx.
  5. Yeah, that's my shop, thanks. I built my dream garage last summer and have been basically living in it ever since. I just finished up a Triumph TR250 project (practice for the Mustang?) and have now moved on to my Mach. Having a two post lift has changed my life!
  6. What does this little pneumatic valve attached to my heater hose do? What is this small bolt on plate with the two holes in the right side of my intake manifold for? Thanks for your help!
  7. Thanks Jeff. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is in good shape! Kcmash- Appreciate the suggestions.
  8. I'd also like to buy the mounting bracket. I am guesting these things are pretty rare. I am prepared to pay well for one if it is reasonable condition. Thanks!
  9. Ed- I am located east of the Moyie Bridge just off of Rt 2.  We must be very close neighbors. You've done a number of things to your car that I would sure like to talk with you about as I get started with mine. 

    Might you be willing to swap contact information?


  10. Ed- I think we are neighbors! As the crow flies, we must be very close if you are 20 miles NE of Sandpoint. I am located off of Rt 2 just east of the Moyie Bridge. My wife and I were just down in Sandpoint last night having dinner with friends at 41 South. Love to talk to you about your car as I am planning the MDL T5 conversion and a suspension upgrade, both of which I understand you have accomplished. -Chris
  11. New to the forum but I’ve been lurking for a while. Since I am about to get serious with my project, I figured I’d introduce myself. Here’s my/the car’s story: While I am not the original owner, I am pretty close. I bought the car in 1975 used from the local Ford dealer. It is a 1973 2V automatic Mach 1. When I acquired it there was 8000 miles on the clock. The woman who owned it originally traded it for a Mustang II. [how I met her is a story for another time]. I was in college at the time in Southern California and this is the car that I learned to work on cars with. I

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