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  1. I went through all the same thinking when I recently did my Tremec conversion. Ultimately I spent the $ and bought the whole kit. It just wasn't worth the time, aggravation and uncertainly to save the $1K. Everything just worked, bolted in and fit. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. What is your time worth? (of course it is always easy to spend other people's money...)
  2. Welcome from North Idaho. Body looks nice and straight. Looking forward to reading about your progress!
  3. Got link to the instructions for adjustment?
  4. For the record, this is what I used on my console: I used the full SEM system from cleaning, prep and adhesion promoter and of course a tack cloth before first coat. The resulting finish on the console is absolutely beautiful including the texture. Frankly it is as nice a finish as any of my previous car projects. Unfortunately it just isn't the right color; it has a purplish tint and doesn't match the existing factory Medium Blue Metallic interior. My car has been inside out of the sun under cover for most of the 45 years I have owned her. The interior (as you can see from previously posted photos) is in fantastic shape. It is clear that the SEM rattle can approach is not going to give me what I need. I will take Eric and Greg's advice and seek a professional match from an automotive paint store. Thanks guys!
  5. Thanks for the advice Greg! I do have a spray gun and compressor so I'll do some research and find someone that can mix me up a custom batch of paint. I've gotten nowhere with the rattle cans. I live in the middle of nowhere, so unfortunately that business is likely a two hour drive each way (Spokane).
  6. I spent the day there as well. I second Machattack's comments. It was a great day and turnout. It felt like the good old pre-Covid days for sure! With two Boss 351's, two verts and one Mach1 there were five 71/73 models at the show. I did not bring my '73. Unfortunately the dilemma for me with car shows is that I'd much rather spend the day roaming around looking at all the cars than hanging out close to mine and mostly babysitting and talking about my car the whole day. I really enjoy learning about other people's cars and hearing their stories.
  7. Welcome to Idaho Spike! You're going to love it here. It is amazing how many people are fleeing the big West Coast cities and moving to Idaho. [Don't forget to update your forum Location/Region profile] As for the Mustang gathering this weekend; it is the 42nd annual International Mustang Meet. https://imm42.com/ I've heard somewhere close to 400 Mustangs are expected. I am probably going to make the 8+ hour drive down from North Idaho so maybe I'll run into you at the car show Saturday. Likely won't be bringing the '73 but still haven't decided for sure yet.
  8. Well, it has been a year...any thought on doing another run of these shirts? I'd take a couple.
  9. Looks like you might be able to epoxy it back together and provide at least a temporary fix until you find a replacement.
  10. I re-installed the center console for the third time. I have tried two different batches of SEM interior medium blue paint on my center console but the color was a fair ways off from the rest of the interior and just looked horrible. I have decided to go black on the console and the contrast seems to work well with my door panels and center gauge stack (I got rid of the fake wood look back in '79). I'll keep searching for the correct color paint and if I manage to find it I'll try painting the console again. For the moment though, the two tone blue/black is growing on me...
  11. Well, it would seem the consensus is pressure from the shifter boot. I had anticipated something like this so I fabricated a spacer for my shifter to move it aft and to the right. This modification did not align perfectly with the boot but was a lot closer. The shifter must be more sensitive to boot pressure than I thought. Come to think of it, most of my issue is with 1st, 3rd, and 5th, so there must be boot pressure pulling rearward on the shifter. Maybe I need to make a longer spacer? Instead of leaving the shifter in neutral when parked I will start leaving it in 3rd. Perhaps the pressure over time will "train" the boot. I'll report back if that is the case.
  12. I don't know about Animal Lawyer, but my T5 is brand new so a worn synchronizer is probably not the culprit. I will say that as I put more miles on the car the problem happens less and less. On my T5, it does not "pop" out of gear. The shifter just slowly disengages. I like your idea that the boot may be too stiff. Maybe that is why it is happening less as the boot breaks in? Any suggestion how to quickly loosen up the boot rubber?
  13. Over the past few days I have been finishing up little things on my car. All new vacuum hoses properly run so everything works including Ram Air doors and heat riser motor. Installed all new exterior light bulbs, and modern 3 point seat belts. Mostly I have been driving every chance I get. Since the first engine start since 1992 16 days ago I have put over 300 miles on the car! I have other cars that are faster and handle better but none of them make me smile like this old girl. I have a silly SEG on my face the whole time I am out on the road. I still need to post up a walk around video and some glamor shots but for now here are two photos after the first wax job in 30 years. Oh, and a video of the idling exhaust with the tail pipes installed. No one around to rev it for me so that sound bite will have to wait... Life is good. 20210825_140923.mp4
  14. I too have this issue on occasion with my recent T5 swap. I'll be interested in following this thread.
  15. Beautiful car! BTW- I think the rear wing on backwards though.
  16. ...and the competitive rates. As a public company there will be pressure to show consistent quarterly earnings growth. I have rarely seen a company improve after going public. The former private owners are now cashed out and the objectives/priorities will change.
  17. I'm with Tim. If you think you might really get into a full restoration on the underside I would not put any coating on it that you will struggle to remove later. You might just consider brushing on some Ospho and call it a day until you're ready to blast and restore. You can get Ospho at most hardware stores, it brushes on easy and is inexpensive. I'm sure the days of winter driving and intentional rain driving are behind you anyway so serious further deterioration is unlikely.
  18. Welcome from North Idaho!
  19. No, you did not misread. I am interested in doing the Mach 1 black hood accent, not wrapping the whole hood. I did not know anything about knifeless tape. The video posted by Horsin' Around was very educational. I'll need to look into that idea. Laying the tape using the available stencil is an idea for sure. It does seem the pinstripe would be the hardest part. Any pointers or instructional videos you could direct me to? I found the post from the guy in France that had his hood done with vinyl: https://7173mustangs.com/forums/topic/33568-new-one/?tab=comments#comment-373682
  20. Anyone know of a source for a full mat black decal for the Mach 1 hood? I am not wanting to paint. With the quality of today's vinyl wraps I was thinking a vinyl decal would be worth trying. As I recall a member from France posted up some pics of his car a while back with a decal and it looked really nice. Thanks.
  21. I got the rear exhaust tips installed and lined up with the cutouts. The guy that did the modification/install is an artist. Tips are perfectly centered and the gap is equidistant all the way around the tips; side to side and top. A couple pics, here's how much tubing he had to add to the "bolt-in" Precision Exhaust tailpipes. The finished product: I'll shoot another video with sound in the next day or two.
  22. Thanks for taking the time to post up the trip details and photos. I felt like I was there with you guys!
  23. Wow, what a day. This morning I finished up a few odds and ends on the Mach 1; filled the power steering pump, installed spark plugs, and a final brake bleed all four corners. I installed a couple of temporary exhaust turn downs on the mufflers as I will need a muffler shop to install the tail pipes. Some adjustment will be necessary to get the chrome tips to properly line up with the rear valence cutouts. Next I pushed my old girl out of the shop in preparation for the first engine start in almost 30 years. I truly did not know what to expect. I have done a bunch of work on the car over the past months. So many changes all at once including a transmission swap means there are so many things that could go wrong. After dumping 5 gallons of non-ethanol premium in the tank, I disconnected the coil and cranked the engine to prime the fuel bowls and circulate the oil. I re-connected the coil and pulled a plug wire to confirm I had spark. You never know after installing a new engine wiring harness, new distributor, new plug wires and a new coil, but good news… I had spark. Well, time for the moment of truth. With a remote starter switch hooked up to the solenoid and a fire extinguisher close at hand I pushed the button… Bam! She fired right up on the first crank without a stumble or a missed beat. I’m not sure the crankshaft even made a full rotation before firing off! Idle was a little high, but otherwise smooth as silk. The first video below was taken 30 seconds after firing off. I looked for leaks and walked around the back to smell/listen to the exhaust and shot the video. Unbelievable. The car started and ran as if she had been my daily driver. I quite literally had tears in my eyes. Here she was…my first car…alive again after all these years!! Back to the front of the car…a little fiddling with the idle screw… watching for leaks/smoke…I let her warm up and goosed the throttle a couple times. Electric choke needed no adjustment and the now warm engine settled down to a smooth idle of around 1000 rpm (tach works!). I shot the next video. As you can see/hear, she’s clearly running smoothly on all eight. After a quick adjustment of the timing and adjusting the idle to around 750 rpm I shut her down and just stood there smiling and laughing… Well…WTF…I don’t need no stinkin’ registration or insurance…I installed the air cleaner, grabbed my wallet and jumped it. She fired right up again and I drove into town 15 miles round trip and topped off the tank. Clutch worked smoothly, transmission shifted like butter, no noise from the new Eaton rear end, power brakes worked, power steering made no noise, hell, even the “eyeball” front end alignment wasn’t bad! I am so happy I am giddy. I have been sitting staring at the old girl all afternoon re-living my youth. Life is good indeed! Attach23329_20210809_095609.mp4 Attach23331_20210809_095625.mp4
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