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  1. Just received my Marti Report! I couldn't be happier! ..the 71-73 Fastback was always my favorite model of all the Mustangs, I was 9 years old when the 71's hit the road...as a young teen kid my favorite color was Pewter Silver...Fast forward to now...I'd known about this car for many years but the price was never in my affordable range for the condition it is in (rough)...it was missing the Data label and the car had been repainted a few times with me not knowing the original color scheme!...I had almost planned on painting it White/Black...but that's not going to happen now!... This 72 was meant to be I guess...lol
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm new to the Mustang world...I just ordered the Marti report, but what I do know so far is...It's a 72 Mach-1 with Deluxe interior in Vermilion Red...Yes I also need the sliders
  3. Looking for a set of front 72 Mach-1 seats...I have deluxe interior ( I'm new to Mustangs so not sure if all are the same?)...upholstery is not important just need good frames with rails etc...my 72 had some aftermarket seats installed Thanks....John
  4. I just requested the Deluxe Marti-report with an extra door data label, as mine is missing...Drilled the trunk lock out yesterday, ( I'm replacing the cylinders anyways) found some goodies in there! ..got the Radiator, A/C condenser, A/C compressor, power steering pump, all with their brackets, the Fan shroud ...the cross braces for the struts, an extra brake booster..this is a power disc brake car...and some other odds and ends like power steer hoses, A/C hoses etc
  5. I think I will stay with the original colors inside and out
  6. Hi guys...Just joined the Forums..Some of you have already seen my intro on FB...but for those that haven't..I'd been chasing a 72 Mach1 for years that a junkyard in Southern AZ had, but they were asking too much...I finally was able to buy it last week...the door Data sticker is missing or painted over..I've not had much time to really go over the car...it was originally Silver or Pewter with a Red interior, 351c 2v... ..John in Sierra Vista AZ
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