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  1. Yes very happy with the floors and I have saved the build sheet was stuck to the floor and ripped a bit but I will put it back together and laminate it
  2. Hi all I now have the engine and transmission out trans first then engine as I never had enough swing space to remove together, engine bay stripped down, interior and dash out, basically everything out above the floor. I’m going to buy a rotisserie and then remove the suspension, steering, diff etc. plus it should make it easier to work on. i purchased parts from CJ pony parts the freight to Australia and the exchange rate made parts very expensive, I’m looking for a cheaper alternative, please let me know if there is a better alternative. i managed to remove the front and rear window without breaking it, very happy with that as the rear glass has a factory demister I’m sure it would be hard and expensive to replace. very happy with the floors they look like new under the carpet and under matting. will post again soon.
  3. I live in Melbourne Australia we are currently in A 6 week lockdown because of COVID-19 so I can’t have anyone over For a while. anyway I have always loved the 71/73 Mustang I finally have one now so I’m restoring her one great advantage absolutely no rust I will attach plenty more photos along the way.
  4. I am connecting to a very strong timber beam (hard wood) I have lifted a 272 y block and transmission in the past
  5. Hi All, I have just started a full resto Om my Mach1 and was planning to remove the engine and transmission out in one piece it’s a 351C with C6 Auto is this possible or should I remove them separately, I don’t have a hoist just working alone in my garage with a block and tackle and trolley jack any hints and tips appreciated. Terry
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