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  1. So nobody has used Distinctive Industries ? That is what I pulled out of my 1971 that has been installed and held up for about 15 years... Like I said, all the research I have done reveals (2) main points. 1) TMI is more accurate for MACH I's and has the correct for Piping (Extruded Welted Chord). 2) DISTINCTIVE was more durable for Daily Driver and didn't fall apart, rip or tear as easily. Thanks everybody for your input and feedback !
  2. I am trying to decide between Distinctive Industry and TMI for Standard or Deluxe Seat Upholstery complete set on a 1971 Mustang Coupe w/ Medium Green interior. I believe I like the "Standard" better than the "Deluxe" because I have had deluxe for 15 years and don't like the color difference, plus the "Comfort Weave" is pressed vinyl and not true comfort weave and lastly the standard look nicer to me. But I am NOT sure which brand makes a better quality product to be honest and most Forum entries on this same Topic or very Dated circa 2004 timeframe... Apparently back the
  3. Well I was told that all of the '71 - '73 Coupes / Grandes only came with (1) Driver Side Torsion Bar or Rod, the Mach I's had (2) Shorter Rods Driver and Passenger. So I am not sure how or where to acquire a Passenger Side Torsion Bar, but I found the Driver Side Torsion Bar. If anybody has a LH & RH bars or BOTH rods for a 1971 Mustang Grande, please Email me at 1971stang@gmail.com and I will Buy them. The one existing Torsion Bar that I have was adjusted from Bottom to Middle Groove or Notch on the Hinge on the Driver's Side and although it does work a bit better (not slamming shut f
  4. Where did you get the Torsion Rods or Torque Springs from ? I can't find them anywhere for a 1971 Mustang Grande Coupe, unless you buy the entire DynaCorn Deck Lid kit for $400...??
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