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  1. In the midst of the obligatory hurricane in the middle of a moonless night on a steeply banked hill on the interstate with very narrow shoulders and a totally uneven surface...? You know if it is needed those will be the conditions!
  2. It may be something really stupid on my part. What should the amperage be for fuse 5? After it blew I googled it and got a response of 10 amps. When I went to the shop manual last night, after getting home, I read it to require a 30 amp fuse If I put in a fuse rated 1/3 the necessary,.... Serves me right trying to diagnose problems in Municipal Court parking lots!
  3. Was driving with air on, suddenly it goes dead. checked fuses #5 blown. replaced it and turned on air & blower again, fuse blows. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this.
  4. That was my '72 side-piped vette.
  5. My mechanic swapped to the new engine & t5. Runs great, major what a difference 100hp and overdrive makes. But there is one issue, the new engine rebuilt 1970 351c mild cam (don’t know numbers), external oil mod, blue thunder manifold and a 680 cam SA carb keeps making small puffs of black soot from carb when idling (at least that’s when I saw it) coming out of ram aircleaner, inside of filter cover and carb are filthy with it, but car runs great and doesn’t seem to be losing oil.. Any thoughts?
  6. So, finally fixed. Not the cb (after an hour of testing and checking and scratching my ***, I finally figured out the wire right as it came out of the cb had an intermittent break, 2” off the top and a new spade connector and I am back in business. Thanks to all who opined, your advice set me in the right direction
  7. Anyone know where it would be located on a '73 vert? also would this relay control the top, too? (both are out)
  8. The way my day is going I assumed the cb would be a Mustang specific part. Would never replace fuse or cb with wire, was asking if I could temporarily replace cb with fuse
  9. Secondly, is there a way to temporarily Jerry-rig the cb with a fuse (what amperage?) while I get a new cb? today just isn’t my day, after this I took my 04 bimmer, which I just replaced entire cooling system ($1500 -water pump to radiator), it overheated, has to be towed. I may have to sue shop. Sitting at side of road waiting, Someone remind me about hobbies calming us down
  10. I went out this morning I drove to my office, I’m not sure if I put the window down, but I think I did. I then went to the store and decided to put the top down. When I went to push the switch nothing happened. I figured OK I’ll just open windows they’re dead too. Everything else is working, the car drives fine I just have no electricity to the windows or the convertible top. Any suggestions?
  11. Shop intentionally damaged rear corner after disagreement over work they were supposed to do (long story) and, besides filing a complaint with DMV (here in NY DMV complaints are vigorously pursued and cause serious problems for the shop) I will need to sue them. I am trying to find NOS parts. If anyone knows of anyone who has them please forward info. I know there are repros available, for much less than NOS will cost, however there is no reason for me to accept anything less than original to save the sob $. Thanks
  12. So, did the engine swap (stock original 351c to mildly built 1970 351c (higher compression, oil mods+~100 extra hp)) and the T5 conversion. Wow, 100 mph @ ~ 2600 rpm. The tranny occasionally jumps out of gear, an issue I have seen a number of people complain about when using the oem shifter. The throw is also way too long. Does anyone have a recommendations for a shorth throw replacement? I understand MDL has an adjustable shifter (to allow it to fit in the transmission cut out better, but at nearly twice the price of Pro 5 or the MGW I am unimpressed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. My parking brake (1973 Q code vert, 9" rear drums) is virtually useless. Pushed all the way to floor offers some resistance, but nowhere near enough (rear brakes and cylinders recently replaced). Is there a troubleshooting guide? I am assuming the cables are stretched and need replacement, but which one (or all?). Don't want to just start replacing parts with no plan. New motor (extra 100+ hp and T5 are awesome. 95mph effortlessly at 2500 rpm, Great upgrade!
  14. I would still assume there is a necessity to "balance"/synch the carbs so that there is a coordinated (and even) flow between the cylinders. I was more commenting about the stacks, but I assume it applies to both (to a large degree).
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