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  1. The round red emergency brake dash light (on the lower left dash between the convertible top control and the headlight switch) is disintegrating and the bezel is missing. Does anyone make a repro (or does anyone have a serviceable set in reasonable condition for sale?
  2. I called, he wont ship and ny to ok city is a bit too far to go get them. Damn!
  3. do you still have the driver's door power window harness with socket for window switch panel?
  4. was this a power windows car? if so I need the driver's door harness with the window control socket.
  5. Thanks, I will look when I get in tomorrow, any idea which volume?
  6. just had my rear drum brakes replaced with new cylinders, says he tightened/adjusted parking brake cables, but p brakes do not really work, since reading previous threads seem to suggest p brake uses rear brake shoes (rather than separate p brake shoes like my european cars) I have to assume something is missing, worn or not properly connected. Is there a good tutorial that I can read to try and figure out what is wrong? (I am also open to other suggestions regarding getting p brakes to hold car (short of switching to rear discs)). Thanks
  7. thank you, I'm going to bite the bullet and order tmi's (hoping for a decent sale around memorial day or the 4th of july) Luckily my interior is white and the repops seem to match well.
  8. Rod, Sorry for your loss, but happy for the many years of joy you two shared. She sounds like she was an amazing woman and (hopefully) God will listen and take action on her list. My deepest condolences to you and your family Richard
  9. My '73 vert has a working rim blow steering wheel, however, at the bottom there is about 3-4" where there is no rim blow. As the rim blow works, I prefer not to spend $200 to fill in the small area, but, as this is where my fingers usually rest, I need to do something to fill it in. a piece of old rim blow switch should epoxy in rather seamlessly, I would think. If anyone has a dead rim blow switch and would be willing to part with about 4" I would be grateful. The only alternative I can see is trying to build up a patch with a liquid rubber and trying to shape it, I am open to other
  10. So, does anyone make a repro mini console? Alternatively, does anyone have a damaged long console they might want to sell the front of? I just bought an aftermarket console with cup holders and now need to do something around my stick-shift. I have a clock with the bezel, if I can find a damaged front of a long console to use as a mounting base I have the best of both worlds (I don't want to hack apart the original long console, in case I decide to restore to original)
  11. I don't have a set of original panels and the set that is on the car are not quite correct (even as to driver's switch cutout
  12. I am told nobody makes repro deluxe 73 panels for power windows? Are the holes for manual in the correct place for the power controls? Does anyone have a n own power driver’s door panel they can get me a photo of correct cut out, please?
  13. Right now I have a choice, usable door locks or having panels that come close to matching the mounting holes. So, new panels are in my future. While I understand tmi appears to be the best fitting, the price is a bit high, so, barring a lotto win or the tooth fairy leaving a NOS set under my pillow, I am looking for a reasonable alternative. I've heard dashes direct panels are garbage (undersized, attachment channels misaligned and generally an inferior product), any suggestions on decent panels besides tmi?
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