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  1. Is the nasa hood still available? if so, what condition and how much?
  2. manifold still available? will the manifold fit if I want to add ram-air? (I understand height is limited) How much to ship to 11746?
  3. Also the top rubber/chrome pieces that rub against the door windows on the top of the doors
  4. I am very late to this thread I need a radio/heater bezel, a fuel guage glass and a passenger woodgrain door insert for the deluxe door panel, I see you have the bezel and may have the fuel guage glass and I thought I saw a woodgrain panel, though not sure if it is the correct one. How much to 11746 (I believe they would all fit in a lathe priority mail flat rate box. Thanks
  5. if you make sets for sale let me know, if i havent already installed the gobals id be in too
  6. A bit depressed. 4 out of 5 times when I go to start my car (Q code vert) it turns and turns and turns but doesn't start. After a few tries it finally starts and runs ok. It was also running very rich and today we opened the carb (4300) and changed the float level (it was too high). That helped the running rich, and seemed to help the refusing to start (at least until I left the mechanic's, then it started again). Additionally the EGR vacuum is disconnected and the line capped along with about 4 or 5 other lines that are also capped), the vacuum canister is similarly disconnected (tried recon
  7. I have small amounts of rust along the bottom of both front fenders, one door and both rockers and the rear fenders. My shop said it was not horrible but the best way to deal with it is to buy good quality patch panels and weld them in. So, any suggestions which of the repro sellers had the best quality parts at reasonable prices (or, alternatively, which brands/companies to stay away from. Thanks Rich
  8. I am starting to go through my new 73 vert and try to get everything in order. Does anyone have a good vacuum line diagram for a '73 Q code?
  9. I represent animals, my website is thedoglawyer.com and the plate that is going on this car is ANIMALAW. Car finally arrived, it's currently a 10 footer, that will soon change (never to be a 100 pt show car, just a really nice driver. had her out on the road, front end/steering is loose but solid, tracks straight at speed with a nice low growl. Very happy to join this community
  10. does anyone have info about the install of global west connectors? I like the l(more oem) ook of the tinman's and the idea they mate inside the front rail, but if they require serious modification to the car I will go with global's
  11. I am not sure whether this is properly here in the convertible forum or should be posted in the suspension forum, but I can't find a definitive answer as to whether (or how) to install subframe connectors on a vert. I think I would like to use the tinman versions, but it seems the cross support will prevent the install. Any insights or suggestions?
  12. Thank you. I just ordered the shop manuals, depending on the state of the hoses I may just replace them along with the dryer & expansion valve. Would I have the condenser and evaporator boiled out (radiator shop?) or is there a better way to clean them? I am hoping the compressor isn't toast (belt was removed 2 p.o's ago).
  13. Does anyone make an R-134 conversion kit for the 73 factory ac? Mine is currently inop (belt removed) so I will need to test the entire system, and probably recharge, seems like the conversion to 134 will be necessary no matter what.
  14. If you have an intake I'm definitely interested. I found that Dynacorn makes a ram air hood with the round lock holes already cut, any feedback about the quality of their products? I'm excited, car arrives here thursday, then I'll really know just how much work it needs

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