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  1. Ok so after replacing the hoses and valves etc on the engine side my a/c was not getting the car cold. I went to test the vacuum control system (as set forth in the service manual, and after running the car and turning it to acc the vacuum gauge went immediately to zero. When I got the car the canister was not connected and I attached the 2 hoses in what seemed the correct configuration (the larger engine vacuum line to the larger port and the smaller line (going to the ac control panel to the smaller port. However, after removing the old canister I realized none of the vacuum lines were origi
  2. 3 gauge type center bezel, metal trim ring & rubber pad for parking brake pedal, headlight switch bezel, what colors are door panels?
  3. Actual double, kenwood, fits perfectly top to bottom (no modification) with about 3/4" extra on each side.
  4. Mine doesn't turn off (got down and looked from underneath), any suggestions regarding how to troubleshoot it
  5. of finding the leak or losing the eyebrows?
  6. I finally finished the initial install of my kenwood double din radio, I need to add the separate amp and powered underseat sub next and install the radio frame to lock it in (when the bezel is removed) but I think it looks good (though it needs a bit of final finishing)
  7. My car has an underhood light socket but the way it is wired it is constantly hot. I am assuming there was supposed to be a switch that turns it off when the hood is closed? Does anyone have a part number (and any idea of who might be selling replacements) and a schematic (or even better, could take a picture of the switch and wiring?
  8. So, I am trying to replumb my charcoal canister and discovered that the nipple in the air cleaner (directly to the right of the breather element is half missing. I've looked around and been unable to find anyone who has a reprop (which seems strange as everyone seems to have reprop air cleaners. Does anyone know if this part is sold separately? Or, alternatively, does anyone have a used one they are not using and would be willing to sell?
  9. A few questions: 1. Is it necessary? Mine is only hooked up to what I assume is the fuel tank vapor line. 2. Assuming it is, how does one test it? 3. Are the canister to air cleaner tubes available (or does anyone have a spare to sell? 4. Is the mushroom vent cap necessary (mine is missing) and if so are they available (or does anyone have a spare to sell?
  10. If you have any of the following that you do not need for your car - I need the three gauge center bezel, the headlight switch bezel, the e brake pedal rubber & metal trim surround, and if you have a white deluxe interior the complete door panels. If the engine is toast but the heads are serviceable I would be interested in the heads and manifold.
  11. Thanks, also if you have a set of white deluxe door panels in decent shape I also need the pull handles and cups (or any combination thereof
  12. I looked in the classifieds but did not see that one, thank you
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