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  1. You know the area pretty well. I'm just North of Monroe. I have people in Tenn. Clarksville area. I knew a guy back in '75 who had a 'Stang just like yours. Not many of them around even then.
  2. Horsin' Around, You spent WAAAY too much time on this rendering. I DO have a set of dark gray 17" rims that I plan on putting on this car. Those white-center wheels are a little too different for me! The black accents...??? Once I get this thing running, I'll post it up here, and you can take over and make this cat your own!!
  3. THAT is a cool find!! I was in the service in the late 70's and one of my squad mates had a NASTY '72 Fastback. It started out a 351C 2V, and he saved up about a month's pay for a 4BBL Shelby intake made to fit the 2V heads. I helped him bolt it on. Never saw another one like it. In the year we were stationed together, I think he spent every dime on parts for that car!
  4. Thanks Lazarus. Are those late model Mustang 17" wheels? Like '03 Mach? They look great on your car! And I WILL be shopping for wheels!!
  5. Yer policy is not real effective if you let me in! Well, I'm definitely an exception! Seems to be lots of folks in the Michigan / Ohio region. I'm between Toledo and Detroit. I see guys from Oregon, Nebraska, and Texas too. Great! Somebody to find us rust-free sheet metal!! Took a pic of what I drug home. Yes, the wheels have GOT to go!! Thanks to all for the warm welcome!
  6. 87fox72mach, I need the engine to frame brackets. Yes, I know they're expensive. Be gentle, I'm new here. Not quite a virgin, but new here. Thanks!
  7. OK, let me get this out right off the bat: I have a Cougar. Reject me if you must, but the forums for the '73 Cougar aren't the most active forums on the web. I also have an '88 LX hatch and my wife has a '2019 GT. Does that help? Seriously, I picked up a '73 XR7 roller for a new project for several reasons: First; I wanted something different. A '73 Cougar in that bright robin's-egg blue is nothing if not different. Second; I wanted to challenge myself. This is the only generation of Mustang I have NOT had down to bare bones. I've been involved with restorations on a '65 Coupe
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