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  1. Im in Houston tx but have a friend out there in Nashville
  2. Is there a place online I can order the paint for my 73 mustang. It’s medium copper but just need to repaint the front bumper. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you for tip! That’s good to know especially if when buying online. What do you mean by arch the hood to fit the fenders? Sounds intense but I may have to go that route
  4. Dang that a really good explanation. Thank you for the knowledge drop
  5. Thank you guys for the help!!! I’m going to decide if I should go with the classic headliner or order the custom fit one. I already bought it but it was only 40 bucks. i really love to keep everything original. That’s my only con going that route. thank you guys :)
  6. Im in the process of installing a new headliner and have watch some fellow member on YouTube doing the same exact thing. but my questions is, how do I remove the chrome trim without bending them? Is there a good trick to doing it or do I need the proper tool for it? Thank you in advance. P.s. if y’all have any trick to doing the install feel free to share :)
  7. Dang that’s amazing. I know it takes a lot of patience and more than one person to do it. Thank you for the info! You’ve definitely sparked my interest
  8. How much did the material cost you? Definitely want to do this until I can shed 6-7k on a paint job
  9. One dyi I love. Ver clean and nice. Might have to make one myself. Might do a Plexiglass or cardboard template first
  10. 👏🏽 awesome thank you for the video
  11. Is the aluminum or copper one better?
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