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  1. You can pay someone to vinyl wrap them. What I did was sand the area down for prep and added a few layers of Jb Weld and then sand it until it’s smooth. Then ordered paint from cjpony that matched and painted it. Looks good as new imo.
  2. Last finished photo, installed and painted dark ginger.
  3. Okay had to paint the door panel and fix the cracks. Not the best but good enough for now. Here are the speakers and mounting location
  4. That’s one hell of a way to fix it!! Thank you . I will try that :))) this weekend
  5. Can I buy the plastic clip by chance, I broke mine a while ago and really want to fix it. Speedo works but at any moment that think can pop off since there is nothing holding it . Or so I have to buy the whole cable :(
  6. I live 2 miles from that dealership lol!!!
  7. I appreciate that! Ill install them tonight or tomorrow once I get the L brackets.
  8. Oh I can definitely make some more and wrap them with vinyl to match your interior.
  9. Ya that’s my issue too . I don’t want to l mess with my original l door panels. The good thing is, the only harm I’m going to be doing is screwing 2 through the Bottom section of the carpet and not the actual cardboard/door panel. I’m Utilizing that open section of the door panel where the original speakers used to go.
  10. That took some thinking haha. So I decided to install some L brackets that I can screw into from the inside of the box (that way you can see anything from the outside) and then I’ll tap a hole into the metal door, then I can screw the box directly threw the door panels into the metal door. I’ll send another picture once I’m able to do it. hope it works
  11. Decided to Make some speaker pods that would fit component speakers. Wrapped them in faux leather and sealed it. I didn’t like the idea of cutting the metal framing on the interior door so I fabricated these. It only sticks out about 2 inches and the window level isn’t compromised. Now I just need to wire up and fit the other 4 speakers that I plan on putting in the rear
  12. Im actually in the middle of doing a sound system in Mine. Going to fit 5.25 speakers with tweeters on the doors and Also a really nice 4x6 speaker fit the dash Mount. Lastly adding a pair of 6 1/2in the rear quarter panels. I want some bump in the trunk when I’m on a long cruise
  13. Ya mine was the skinny wheel, I was never a fan of it. But I wanted to keep it somewhat original. It feels so much more sporty now!
  14. Keep in mind I’ve never done this much less sew in my life. I didn’t want to spend 700-800 for someone to do it for me. I spent like 100 total for the cement glue, vinyl, used sewing machine and heat gun.
  15. Sorry for the last response. I didn’t realize you message me . Here are some pics
  16. What Mach said, call around. There are places that will perfectly match your color. It’s best that way. :)
  17. You will make a lot of money if you find a way to make a 3D printed copy !! mine are also broken. I’m going to glue them and vinyl wrap them to give it more strength
  18. I heard they both fit like crap. Which is why I ended up vinyl wrapped my original ones this past weekS They look brand new.
  19. There is a video on YouTube where a guy did it on his chevelle. It’s literally the same steps as the mustang headliner. I just order me a. We headliner this week and will be installing it ASAP. You just need to get some cement glue, 20-30 clips and patience.
  20. Almost bought one but instead wrapped mine in really nice vinyl. Heard a lot of horror stories trying to fit repo pads. looks awesome
  21. Made my steering wheel 4.5 inches thick and leather wrapped it . Feels great now
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