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  1. Thanks awesome, I’ve always wondered how it turned off lol
  2. Haha thanks! It’s a work in progress no doubt but I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve cover my cracked dash. Now finishing my quarter panels, I plan on doing the door panels next. I just need to figure out how to fix the cracks around the door rest. But crossing my fingers
  3. Vinyl wrapping rear quarter panels and plastics
  4. The template and then the final with French stitching
  5. Okay so Im starting on the rear quarter panels now. I had to make 2-3 to finally get it down. Doing the French sticking and all the curves where hard but I feel like they look good enough that I can deal with it. I had to make a template and take my time. Here are some pics
  6. Hahaha. I’m not that good but I’m learning little by little
  7. Just started this today. Will try and finish tonight and hope for the best. The French stitch is a little rough but happy for it being the first time.
  8. Ya that’s a nice sewing machine. I bought a 50 dollar one off Nextdoor. Brother is the brand. It’s okay but good enough for now. I want to try French Seam, just scared I’ll mess off the distance. It’s easy to miss the mark when you have twist and turns. But man does it look nice :)
  9. That actually looks pretty good. Never thought of doing it like that. I really want the French seam but I was worried I would mess it up. I agree that would look the best
  10. I would love to see a picture of those rear panels. I’m really wanting to cover those up as well because mine are very faded. They are still in great condition but need some tlc
  11. I bought a sewing machine to sew the vinyl in two parts. Also I used vinyl from a local warehouse here in Houston. I was going to order online but it couldnt risk the color. I took parts of my interior to the warehouse to match the color perfectly Id be willing to purchase and mail it to you if they need ginger colored vinyl just pay for the shipping and product
  12. Thank you :). I didn’t realize the new ones are hard to fit
  13. Hahahahaha, thank god for youtube. I would have never figured out how to sew or use that machine if it wasn’t for that 😂😃
  14. Ya It’s cheap if you do it. I spend about 100 bucks total. The vinyl was 30 bucks and glue was about 13. I had to spend 70 bucks on a used sewing machine haha. I also vinyl wrapped the center console arm rest for the heck of it lol! I can send a picture as well, It turned out great. My next project will be to vinyl wrap the original door panels. Need to repair the cracks on the arm rest. I bought a pair of off of cj’s but the quality is crap, I didn’t realize the new door panels are hard plastic. 😡
  15. Hey there, I’m new to the forum, I recently decided to vinyl wrap my cracked original dash. I have zero experience in sewing but took a chance lol. I plan on doing some other things but let me know what y’all think? cheers
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