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  1. I was lucky enough to drive a Q-code, 1973 Mach 1 as a 16 year old. Unfortunately, the car had not been taken care of properly and my mother and I could not keep it running as a daily driver without major disruptions to school and work. I miss the car, even after the issues it caused, and am looking to see if it’s still out there... or if it finally gave up the ghost. I don’t have access to the paperwork anymore, but a general description (some details are fuzzy, it’s been over 25 years): 1973 Mustang Mach 1 Q-code Heads were replaced C-6 4.10 or 4.11 rear end Brown interior Edit - Light Yellow Gold Magnum 500s Tweeters on door panel No A/C Hooker headers Holly 950? carb Edelbrok manifold I know it was in GA before 1994. Photo attached, sorry about the potato quality. Thanks in advance.
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