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  1. I have a set of 4 Magnum 500 wheels with decent 245/60/15's on them. Wheels have some rust and need to be cleaned up as well as the black centers repainted. $100 takes all four. Local pick-up in Dallas/Fort Worth or shipped on your dime and arrangements
  2. Hello everyone... Is it normal for the turn signals to work when the key is in accessory mode (turned backwards) I am having a heck of a time with the new stereo I installed for my son and noticed this while trying to troubleshoot. I some of my searches, it looks like the white/purple stripe that I thought powered the original AM radio ties into the turn signal circuit?? I pulled switched power off this circuit for the new stereo but am now thinking that may have not been a good idea... Lots of crackling through the speakers and the amp goes into protected mode when you turn up the
  3. Love the look here! Would you mind sharing the details on the B/S and O/S as well as the tire size? All stock suspension? Any rubbing issues? Thanks!
  4. I did perform a search and came up with nothing... I will try what you suggest. Thanks!
  5. Anyone running a 17" or bigger wheel? If so, what width wheel and tire combo? Any pics would be super cool as well. Trying to figure out which way we want to go on the 71...
  6. What coil are you using? I am running an MSD blaster and attached it in a “factory like” location
  7. What coil are you using? I am running an MSD blaster and attached it in a “factory like” location
  8. I used the red wire with green stripe to trigger the ign. relay. running an air gap intake and mounted the CD box under the solenoid by the battery.
  9. That is correct. Looks a little messy right now, but I pulled everything direct off the positive side of the battery into relays that will be triggered by the ECU. I forget which color wire I pulled the ign. trigger from but can look tonight.
  10. I saw you have several 71-73 center dash trim pieces. Do you have one for the 3 gauge cluster?

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