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  1. What coil are you using? I am running an MSD blaster and attached it in a “factory like” location
  2. What coil are you using? I am running an MSD blaster and attached it in a “factory like” location
  3. I used the red wire with green stripe to trigger the ign. relay. running an air gap intake and mounted the CD box under the solenoid by the battery.
  4. That is correct. Looks a little messy right now, but I pulled everything direct off the positive side of the battery into relays that will be triggered by the ECU. I forget which color wire I pulled the ign. trigger from but can look tonight.
  5. I saw you have several 71-73 center dash trim pieces. Do you have one for the 3 gauge cluster?

  6. Looking for both taillights and the passenger side rear marker light if they are not all rotted out like mine.
  7. Thanks Midlife! How I interpret wiring diagrams, it looks like I can tap into any portion of the blue/red wires... Next question, removed all of the old factory air stuff and installed a CAA system. Since I will not be using the old A/C selector, that plug will no longer be used. Looks like I can pull fused power on wire 181 (brown/orange stripe) off of connector B on the HVAC diagram for the new HVAC system? Lastly, for the stereo - looks like 296A (wite/purple stripe)is keyed power for the stereo?
  8. Hello - I am installing some aftermarket gauges and want to tap into the dim-able circuit to power the lights for the gauges. Can I tap into the light for the cigarette lighter for power?
  9. What do you need for all of it? I would not need the glass. Shipped to 76179
  10. Anyone got all the parts or a parts car they would be willing to pull the parts out of? I can do some trading or cash. Thanks, Juan
  11. Thanks for all the welcomes and kind words! Yes, my son is a fortunate kid and the only reason we went down this path is because he truly realizes how fortunate he is. A true rarity these days. I am sure glad the Holley system has a programmable rev limiter! I keep telling him I will be setting it at 3500 RPM's Glad I came across this site! Lot's of great info on these most great years of the Mustang. How does one become a site supporter? I looked at the "supporter" thread and the link is not found...
  12. Thanks Don. The Fairlane project is at a standstill right now. Paint and body have been completed and we are determining on what direction we want to go on the powertrain. It is a 289/C4 currently. Thinking about a 5.0 Coyote or 5.4. I have always loved this Fairlane. My dad bought it back in the early 80's and it was my mom's daily driver throughout my childhood before becoming my first car. I then passed it on to my little brother. He sold it to a friends dad who started the restoration and lost interest. It came back up for sale about 2 years ago and we jumped at the chance to buy it back.
  13. Thanks Geoff! I come from a family of Ford fanatics (both of my grandfathers were engineers for Ford) and have been very fortunate to have my own dad introduce me to this addiction when I was a kid.
  14. Thanks Bobby! Great looking ride as well!
  15. Thank you Sir! Can't wait to get my tach conversion and clock back from you!
  16. Hello everyone! Came across this forum last night as I was searching for some info on A/C belt routing for a 71... Anyhow - My name is Juan. I reside in Fort Worth, TX. I am currently doing a driver restore on a 71 fastback for my son's 16th birthday coming up in a few weeks. The car is a 351C with a TKO 5 speed. I have replaced all the suspension, steering, and brakes - Added rear disks, Holley Sniper EFI and ignition, and retro'd a Classic Auto Air system replacing the old factory HVAC system. Other mods include a Rocketman's tach and retrobelts shoulder harness seat belts. Gotta keep the kiddo safe ya know! Other ponies in the stable include a 71 Boss 351, 70 Coupe 351/Auto, 68 S Code Fastback 427FE/TKO 5speed, 07 Shelby GT500 and a not so pony 64 Fairlane Sports Coupe in a restoration stand still...
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