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  1. Cleveland guys have old motors... the more you deck the heads/blocks and bore cylinders to just fit a piston will kill their longevity fast ... adjust the piston to fit the motor you have. jm2c Cheeper than I thought... retail plus YOUR changes [samples of what they have]. find one close to what you need then alter. My JE's started with 351C flat top changed bore to 4.005, moved pin for long rods, had top cut for custom dish & set compression for a 4V '4' 61.5cc heads.
  2. just my 2 cents... 70 4V cost to purchase plus refurbish $$$, same for 2V aussie [I just had a set done $3,000, all good parts] So I would keep the 73 4V, fyi you can have them redone with 4V CC valve sizing, yes just had a guys head done. he had a 72 & 73 CJ heads [miss match] The 70 intake is a good one, for performance check carb to intake bores ... 750 carb square bores are 1 11/16, 70 . can be bored out to size of cab ... The L looks like a square bore but is actually a spread bore ;^) Open chambers just need more compression. If you have newer pistons you can
  3. NOT all changes are a good thing... When did Ford Motor Company drop out of racing? Under high speed/loads oil can/does build up... makes it tuff to flow out the front. Those block were gold to those that knew [bean counters just cut steps, to save money]. Like I inferred in the prior post, 70-M code motors came with performance parts oil pan baffle, extra drain back holes, VC drippers, the rocker posts could be cut & drilled for 7/8 rocker studs, Higher compression heads 61.3 - 64... Oh and Bunkie had been fired and Mr 'I' did not like what was done to 'HIS' stangs lol Y
  4. I am late to this thread... first congratulations on finding correct dated motor... I have an early Jan 70 motor, so I am always interested in them [most C data skips over that year], So, I have two questions, do the valve cover internally have the boss 302 style drippers? Does the oil pan have what people refer to as the 351c CJ baffles? [lol the came w/70 M code motors first] and does your block still have the extra valley drain oil holes? [someone posted the pic of them early in he thread]. Thanks for anything you can share ...
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