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  1. Great eye! I believe it is, it was the shop owner's newest project car. gifted by an older woman since I believe he had changed that car's oil since she originally bought it?? not sure of the whole story but I do know it's a BA gift
  2. hello everybody. I have been a passive viewer of the forum for a while, but am just getting to introducing myself... my dad received a '71 mach 1 as payment for some concrete work he did when i was about 7 yrs old. He had no need for a muscle car since he was a contractor and only needed more trucks. But his plans to sell the beauty were stopped when I overheard his conversations and offered him everything in my ceramic piggy bank (>$10). Unfortunately I was unable to work on the car until i graduated college, and my first "few" paychecks went into restoring it. Long story short, here
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