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  1. So before I get into more detail I should add that I really don't know much about working on cars or car parts. So when it happened at the gas station it was trying to start but wouldn't turn over. I am almost certain the engine wasn't flooded, I was pretty cautious about not hitting the gas pedal too much. Actually a guy at the gas station said he had some old car and mentioned something about a liquid boiling in the carburetor or something like that when the engine gets hot. As for the other issues, ive only driven the car about 10 times and id say half the time it fires right up and the other half its takes a few tries. But at least twice after getting it started and putting it into gear the engine shuts off. I hope thats enough information
  2. I just bought a 73' convertible last week that has a 302 in it and i finally got the chance these past couple days to put some serious miles on it and here are some things that have happened and I want to get some feedback/suggestions. After driving for a couple hours I stopped to get gas and the car wouldn't start back up. I was stuck at the gas station for about 45 minutes and then it fired back up. Any idea what caused this and how to fix it? I've also had the car start and then shut off seconds later multiple times, again any ideas?
  3. Has anyone upgraded or replaced the speakers in their car? I have a 73 and the rear passenger speaker is blown and the factory radio can't seem to hold a signal so ive decided to upgrade but wasn't sure what size speakers to get. Ive read that a few people online put speakers in the doors, id rather not have to cut new holes on my doors. But some people have said the speakers in the dash are very small and side by side which messes with the sound supposedly. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hey everyone, this page was suggested to me by someone on reddit. I've always loved classic cars but don't know much about engines or working on cars. I know my car has. 302 Windsor and I was told it has a 2 barrel carburetor. Its perfectly fine for what I want which is just cruising around or taking it to the beach, but I wouldn't mind adding just a little more horsepower. Can anyone make some suggestions and include associated costs? Thanks!!!
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