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  1. Greetings,



    About nine years ago I found this 1972 Mach 1 Mustang in Stowe, Oh.  The VIN# says it’s a “Q” code car.

    The car is equipped with some aftermarket goodies including Performer Intake, 750 Holley, Headers, aftermarket mufflers, a Mallory Uni-Lite Distributor, and plug wires.  The engine in it is not original as it has 2V cylinder heads.  Internally it has a Sig Erson hydraulic cam with stud mounted Crane aluminum rockers.  Someone installed a Hurst V-Matic Shifter for the C-6 and had a boot made to resemble a 4- speed set up with a “T’ handle. 

    Since I race my 1988 Hatchback Mustang in NHRA Stock Eliminator I haven’t done a whole lot with the car.  I cleaned up the under-hood wiring, replaced the Edelbrock Carb with the Holley, and worked to get the paint (more on that in another post) shined up and sealed.  Now that I am retired, I have been paying a bit more attention to it.  Lots of little issues to address.  Have had it out to a couple outdoor car shows including the October 2019 “Pumpkin Run” in Owensville, OH.  Overall, the car presents a nice appearance when driven which garners some ego satisfying thumbs-up from other motorists. 

    Hope to glean some knowledge from fellow members and check out their machines.

    Attached are some pics of my Mach 1 and the ’88 Stocker that inhibits me working on it more. LOL



    72Mach1Mustang (25).JPG

    72Mach1Mustang (9).JPG


    Indy Class Champs 2019.jpg


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