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  1. I just painted my 73..now time to put her back together
  2. Welcome from North Carolina..love your ride...
  3. I’ll take some pics tomorrow. Mine also was born a 351C 2v. When I removed the engine i found it was a 1970 block. I just got thru rebuilding it , had to bore 40 over installed a hotter lunati cam replaced the 2v with cobra heads and intake.. I can’t wait to hear her run.
  4. Thank you..that 71 is gorgeous.. mine was originally blue but will go back Wimbledon white.
  5. Hey guys, I purchased what is left of this 73 mustangmach 1. I now have new fenders and quarters on it and getting it ready for paint. I am looking for the correct headliner bows. If you have a set or know where I maybe able to find a set I would appreciate it. Thanks Mustangdude.
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