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  1. Thanks! I have it on order now.
  2. On my 72 convertible the passenger side front window hits the metal "tab" (not sure what it's called) that's attached to the front post. Is there any way to adjust the front window? I need to figure out some way to stop this as I'm afraid one hit too many will break the glass. I added a pic and the window is fully raised. Thanks for any help!
  3. I just wanted to say hit from Kyle, Texas( I'm originally from Pa, small town called Trappe) I purchased a 1972 Convertible about a month ago 351c H code auto (FMX) factory ac. Blue metallic medium blue interior currently has a black top. Previous owner did make some changes. He added MACH 1 decals to the side stripes and MACH 1 style front and rear spoilers as well as Magnum 500 rims. I have added Dakota Digital instrument cluster, 1" front sway bar all new front and rear suspension and still have the rear sway bar to install 3/4" Posted 2 pics, I haven't had time to get more taken. Bought
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