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  1. 1971 Mach 1 ram air 302 with c4 all original drivetrain. Have marti report. rotisserie restored.motor completely built now 306 10.5 to 1 compression have build sheet. transmission and rear end rebuilt has traction lok with 3.55 gears. body is all original panels laser straight gaps are perfect car was completely taken apart when painted. gorgeous yellow paint all chrome and trim perfect. interior is showroom new. have stacks of paperwork and receipts. be hard pressed to find one nicer. asking 35,000 or best. call or text joe at 330-217-3123. 

  2. thank you. this is the first 71 mustang I've owned. I had a 70 and a 68. I was also unaware that the 302 was the base for the 71 mach 1 till I bought this car. i just happen to speak to 2 different people at cj pony parts that said my car is not a mach 1 cause they didn't come with a 302. I didn't want to argue with them so I just got parts somewhere else. but they weren't the first ones had a salesperson at summit racing say the same thing. 

  3. hello I just purchased a 1971 mach 1 with the factory 302 and c4 transmission. I have the marti report and it shows it was ordered with the 302 and c4. now I've been ordering a few things for it although it's already had a rotisserie restoration and I've had several vendors tell me that no mach 1's came with a 302 and I have all the paperwork that says it did. 

  4. I plan on upgrading the 14x7 magnum 500 wheels to 15x8 all around. drive train has all been rebuilt 302 built to 306 with 375 hp and c4 with a 3.50 limited slip differential. not much to do other than adding bigger wheels and tires and upgrading to front disc brakes. just gonna drive it and enjoy it.

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