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  1. Found this thread and thought it was a fun idea, so here we are. The bright side of the '73 car's larger bumper is that it works great as a bench when you're having your photo taken! In the second shot, I am masked while I clean and respray the engine bay. Engine had to come out thanks to too many high rpm burnouts. oops, sorry Cleveland! Last shot is our co-pilot, Darla. A pinscher-chihuahua cross, who loves to stick her head out the window on the open road.
  2. Thank you guys! Its great to see so many of these cars all on one cool forum. They are a rarity in my area, compared to the pre '71 era cars.
  3. Same build date as well! Beautiful car too. I'm a big fan of white interiors. They don't get nearly as hot in summer time. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thank you very much! Its nice to be here
  5. Thanks for the reply! How far apart were their build dates? Would be neat to find one or more assembly line buddies of this car. Edit: In case it flew under your radar, my car was originally "Gold Glow". It was repainted red, early in its life. After that, when it was finally restored, from an already very clean state, they made it this metallic green'ish color. Kind of a shame it didn't end up back to original, but I like it anyway.
  6. Hi everyone. Wanted to say hi and make a quick introduction. My name is Robin, and I picked up this dream car of mine in May of this year. I wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a successful new year. Catch you in the forums
  7. Hi all. Does anyone know if the 71-72 front valance can be directly swapped onto a '73, without having to change fenders or anything else? Thanks in advance!
  8. Eleanor was part of what inspired me to get my '73. I'd like to fit the '71 lower front valance to my car, but can't find any concrete information anywhere on whether its possible or not.
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