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  1. No support bracket. There was a short length of steel tube (6”) immediately off back of the pump…. One end male other female joined to a brass coupling that connected the rest of the length of pressure hose.. I got the small finned cooler but it was bolted to the A/C bracket that’s back on the donor.. The bracket and pump assembly looks just like the diagram in this image…. I am aware about missing spacer because of a/c bracket left behind on donor.. do you know if I can change to a two (2) groove crankshaft pulley once I get things sorted out or is there even such a piece? I have seen aftermarket aluminum ones but not OEM.
  2. Sportsroof update, First, thanks to all that added advice to my thread post. Today I finally scored what I hope will get me rolling on my power steering conversion. I got the parts from a salvage yard in Philadelphia that specializes in old American iron (classic cars). Unfortunately I didn’t notice that I didn’t have the rag joint coupling that was suggested to me on an earlier post. Dealing with said salvage yard was somewhat difficult so I don’t really want to return there if I can reuse the one from the manual box or perhaps one from NPD. I could possibly use some guidance on replacement hydraulic hoses as ones on donor were short and were spliced with couplings and fittings. Thx
  3. Ahh, A subject I know something about. When my father bought our “Grabber Yellow” 1971 Sportsroof He custom ordered it strip of most all options except sport rear view mirrors, power steering, AM radio (Philco) so... the dog dish caps and color key rims were probably standard issue. When he brought it home from the dealership for the first time it looked sort of dorky.. at least that what me and my brother thought. Those wheels were definitely yellow. Dad returned to the dealership within a week for the trim rings.. memories.....
  4. Thank you Hemikiller and Stanglover for responding quickly. The “Sportsroof” has been sitting in the garage since it arrived two months ago and I would like to start getting this thing back to roadworthy. In doing research I came across two different videos of fords that had steering columns cut to fit new power steering box so I was growing concerned. I have been doing a good bit of research on jobs I want to do to the “Sportsroof” and thought this one wouldn’t be too difficult for my skill level and age (59). (Getting difficult to lay upside down for long periods of time).. If the pick and pull has the pulleys and pump brackets I can manage the rest. I just didn’t want to get into a big fabrication job.. Thank You for your support.
  5. So... my cool new 73 Sportsroof has manual steering and I am thinking of making a conversion to power for my first upgrade project. I have been Scouring the 7173 website and the entire internet for anyone who perhaps has done this precise conversion on a 7173 coupe or fastback. I have seen other projects on Falcons and older 65-69 Mustangs but not 7173’s. I am hoping not to have to cut or modify steering column for a power steering conversion like this.. I have a pick and pull in nearby philly pa who has three coupes who says he is pretty sure he has everything I need... pump, pulleys etc. Any expert advice would be humbly appreciated. 😀
  6. Guess what I got? Just arrived on a three cat hot-shot car carrier.. she needs some tune up work... brakes, possibly clutch but I am very satisfied.. It came with a marti report. I will post a picture of that if anyone is interested
  7. Well. I just pulled the trigger. I put down deposit and wiring balance as soon as my bank calls me to sign papers. I am pretty enthusiastic about getting this car. Now I’m need some trim rings for the wheels.... thank you all for well wishes.. I am getting a procedure on my heart to bring it back to rhythm. 😀
  8. holy moly they just dropped the price to $21,000. i watched this car for over a year. was listed at 29,000. raised by 1,000 over new years and yesterday I received an email from gateway that were dropping to 21,000.. too bad for me i was just diagnosed with an atrial fibrillation.. or i would drive there with a tow dolly. :-( hopefully it will fall into deserving hands and not just another flipper.
  9. Thank you for all the feedback.. this one just happened to catch my eye about a year ago. When I was a kid my parents were in the market for a grocery getter and somehow we wound up with a brand new grabber yellow “sports roof” it was plain stripped of options except for sport mirrors, am radio, power steering.. I put many miles on that car when I got my license for about four years till I got jammed up in a chain reaction crash that turned that car into a memory... that one at gateway is equipped very similarly to my family car. I just need to make the trip to look at it closely. Thanks everyone for being so friendly.. I am looking forward to owning another 7173 mustang
  10. hello largebody mustang fans my name is Randy from newark, delaware. i am a "boomer" 59 yrs old and i am looking for a good 71 to 73fastback... has anyone seen this car before or familiar with it? i have been interested in traveling to see this thing up close. anyway.. i am looking forward to being part of your mustang community.. thanks for any input.
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