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  1. Hi. I wonder if any of you knows any of these Mustangs: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/988019705063045 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/476322470163756 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/173081931301503
  2. Thanks for your advices. I will try to follow them. I've already found about ten scamers in US.
  3. Hola Río. Gracias por la bienvenida. Voy a intentar localizar un Mustang cerca de aquí, pero, si no lo encuentro cerca, lo compraré en Los Estados Unidos. Un saludo!! Hi Rio. Thanks for your welcome. I will try to find the Mustang arround here, but, if I don't find any nearby, I will buy it in the US. Regards!!
  4. Thank you very much to all of you for your welcome and for the future support that Im sure I will get from this web. It convinces me even more to buy the car of my dreams. It's great that there are people here not just from US and Canada, but also from Germany and The Netherlands, closer to Spain. I see I'm not the only European man crazy about American cars. :-D Mobile.de is a web I visit very often. They even have translation to Spanish. I know Moralzarzal, Tommy. There's a very nice castle from the Middle Age very near to there, in Manzanares. Although I live in the northern coast of Spain, the green Spain. And now the most impostant: Find my car. :-)))
  5. Hello to everyone. Here I am from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, from Spain. I just found this site especially for 71-73 Mustangs, for me, not just the most wonderful Mustangs in history, but also the most wonderful of all American cars. I'm planning to buy a 71-73 Convertible Mustang, with 351 Cleveland engine, either in Spain or in USA, and I'm looking for one that is all restoration already done or, at least, most of it. I mean, if I go to US and buy one there, it must be one in perfect shape, because here it's not easy to find specialists in American cars. Most of specialists are about classic European cars like Jaguar and so. The problem is that, most of Mustangs that I find in US in perfect shape are from dealers, and prices are too high, double than what I want to pay. Anyways I'm a patient man and I know that I will finally find one from a private seller and in perfect condition. Ok, that's all by the moment. A lot to read at the forum now. Did you know that "grande" means "big" in Spanish? Ok, ok, I guess you do.
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