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  1. OK, some photos and a few words to go with them... And as always, when you peel a layer back you find more to do... The dash is back in after major rewiring and tidying up, found it was a Chevy Nova steering column so have new AC Delco turn signal unit and NOS ignition barrel and key and new leather steering wheel - and have fabricated a bracket to use a standard mustang ignition switch. NOS door and trunk barrels and keys. New carpet on order, interior retrimmed, heat and sound proofing installed on the floor, 15" Magnum 500s ordered for a more period look. New front driving lights, converted to chrome bumper and refitted the front air dam. 'Adjusted' the T bar shifter to align correctly with the C6 shift range so D on the shifter matches D on the transmission. Am changing the 3 point seat belts to lap sash only and the 3rd point is too low and it'll be broken shoulder material in a crash. New flexible PCB on the back of the dash cluster and upgraded to LED backlighting (much better) - cleaned out the dials to get rid of the dust on the inside! Plus lots of little things... On the conversion, the main wiring loom still comes through the firewall on the LHS - it's now a bulge under the passenger's toes! The heater is disconnected and all the vacuum pipes have rotted away and the air conditioner unit is fitted on the LHS but not connected - I'd say when the conversion and engine transplant happened it all went... The car used to live in northern Queensland which is a tropical environment so not much call for a heater but I'd have thought AC would have been needed. Now thinking about moving the coil pack back onto the inner guard so I can fit a AC compressor up high on the engine where they seem to be typcially fitted - there's spare pulley grooves and I can fit a condenser in front of the radiator - so we'll see...
  2. Yep - down under... And am searching the interweb atm for a complete steering column. The mounts appear to be the same under the dash, but will have to see what the coupling is like to the steering box.. Even if I can get a LHD one locally that would be better. Cheers,
  3. Hi - yes, my thoughts exactly... It appears that the ignition switch has the same switching functions and may well be a ford, but not a mustang as I bought a turn indicator unit and it didn't fit, and also a new set of keys and barrels, and the ignition one doesn't fit either... so buggered if I know. Even the threaded holes to hold the switch itself are nuts welded to the outer steering tube and there is a guide for the push-rod which is a nut welded to the tube on its edge... And now thinking about it the ignition key looks like a GM type... It has a tilt steering column which really isn't needed as the tilt is down. Yes, the gear that drives the rod to the switch is on the bottom so pulls as you turn the key. Given this car has been converted to RHD seems to be a bodgie job... The acid test will be whether I can fit my new steering wheel - whether the spline and collar will line up. Thanks for your feedback, it is certainly appreciated and I'm thinking I might have a hybrid thanks to the conversion. Cheers mate
  4. Hi Kilgon, Thanks, I have the schematic and did make sure that the new switch had the same wiring, wiring colours and switching arrangements. It's the mechanical operation that's opposite. The old switch pulls to go from lock to on to start and the new pushes from off to on to start.... If that makes sense.
  5. Hello everyone. My 1972 convertible has had a start button added as it appears the start contacts in the ignition switch have gone high resistance. And in doing so chopped off the start wire from from the switch in the loom. I bought a new replacement from CJ Pony parts and it plugs in and works - yay!!! So the button and wiring has been removed. The big challenge is that the new switch works in the opposite direction to the old one. Has anyone ever come across this before?? I have a bracket made so I should have a solution. The bigger question is, what is the original switch from???? Any information would be greatly received.
  6. Hello everyone and thanks for allowing me to join. I'm new to the Mustang scene, although I do also have a 1965 Falcon hardtop... My mustang is a 1972 convertible running a 460 and C6 transmission. It was restored in the 1990s from what I can find out. I started with a plan to tidy up some of the interior and now have the whole dash out and am finding all kinds of interesting things that need attention. This is a RHD car and some corners appear to have been 'shaved' in the process... I'm am going to convert the 3 centre guages to 52mm VDO units as the factory ones don't work. I've ground the bezels so they now face straight back and not to the left, which will be good. The dash wiring will get a tidy as well as a new ignition switch and set of barrels and keys, plus a new steering wheel... Needless to say, she went like a scalded cat before I started down this road, and this is going to take a little longer than expected, in best restoration takes! Stewart
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